On Saturday night, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into a fight during the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets. The two men needed to be pulled apart and both men received suspensions for the fight. However, it looks like the bad blood will linger on.

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, Paul is angry because members of Rondo's family made "inappropriate" comments to his wife Jada in the stands during the fight. The Los Angeles Sentinel then reported that Rondo's girlfriend attacked Jada in the stands and security had to separate them.

The fight in the Lakers' stands

According to the L.A. Sentinel, after the fight took place on the court between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul, Rondo's girlfriend started to confront Jada in the stands. While it all started out with just talk, soon Rondo's girlfriend shoved Jada and security had to run in and break the fight up.

This was LeBron James' first game at home in Los Angeles since joining the Lakers and the memories are nothing like many fans would have hoped. Houston beat the Lakers 125-115 and three men were suspended after the game.

NBA makes comments on Lakers/Rockets suspensions

The NBA released a statement about the suspensions of the three players involved in the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets fight.

Brandon Ingram was suspended for four games, Rajon Rondo was suspended for three and Chris Paul for two.

According to NBA officials, Brandon Ingram got four games for aggressively returning to the confrontation and throwing a punch at Paul, as well as confronting an NBA referee in a hostile manner. He also was punished for original shoving James Harden that started the entire fight.

As for Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, their one-game difference in suspension was also explained. In the fight, Paul claimed that Rondo spit in his face and he then aggressively shoved his finger into the face of Rondo. Rajon responded by taking a swing at Paul.

The NBA said that Rondo was suspended for three games for instigating the fight.

While Rondo said he never spit, and head coach Luke Walton backed him up on that, the NBA found that he did spit at Paul and then threw multiple punches in the fight.

Chris Paul only received a two-game suspension. His suspension was for poking at Rajon Rondo and actually making physical contact. Paul also threw some punches that missed and those also weighed in on the suspension.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockers will not play again until Dec. 13.