Jimmy Butler already seems to have his decision taken, and there is no indication that there is going back. The player has requested his transfer; although that is not difficult, the impossible seems to go to play where he wants.

Many players like Butler ask for a transfer and often do not get where they want. According to news.com.au, "The star guard asked for a trade more than three weeks ago, but despite talks with the Miami Heat nothing has eventuated."

Is LA clippers the next destination?

Although the scenario is unpredictable, Butler is clear at least that he wants to leave the Timberwolves.

What is not certain, is his second wish and everything cannot be obtained in life. Butler wants to go with the Los Angeles Clippers, but this does not depend on what he wants but on what they offer him.

As for the financial ability of the Los Angeles Clippers to hire players like Butler, it's excellent. The team can pay Butler comfortably and offer up to two contracts. However, Butler is aware that, if New York offers something, it is better than nothing and surely the player would not hesitate to accept.

Butler's goal is first to get out of the Timberwolves; the rest is profit. Another request from Butler would be the Brooklyn Nets, a team that can also pay a lot of money and offer good contracts.

However, the Brooklyn Nets numbers do not confirm Butler's requests, but it is something like a third transfer request. As for the Wolves, their only concern at this time is to concentrate on the championship and improve their position.

However, the possibility of trying to convince Butler to stay at home is not ruled out. The drawback is that, because of personal problems, Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins do not even want to paint.

But the situation is complex because the team can demand Butler if he stays, to make peace with his teammates. This condition would be another trigger for Butler to pack his bags and leave.

Timberwolves under pressure

The situation with Butler does not seem to have any other solution than to accede to his transfer request, but in case he is not promoted with the three options he has for his transfer, he will be released as a free agent.

This leaves the Timberwolves with no options but to make the transfer of Butler, at least to get something to occupy the space.

It is the beginning of the problems with many other players who will ask for a transfer if they do not reach an acceptable commercial agreement.

In the case of Butler, there is a bit of everything. The reasons for his departure can be economic or simply that he does not want to be in a team where there are players who have personal problems with him.