The number of people who would disagree that Roger Federer is a legend in the sport of Tennis is really limited. Recently during a US Open 2018 game against Nick Kyrgios, the Swiss star produced a magical shot which once again proved that Roger is here to stay some time at least.

A breathtaking shot by Federer at the Arthur Ashe Stadium left the crowd completely awestruck, but the standout reaction was that of Federer's opponent in the game, Kyrgios.

Nick Kyrgios, the Australian player, played a perfect cross-court drop shot that would've made most of the players give up.

But there is a reason why the Swiss international is considered to be one of the great to have played the sport. Federer first went after the ball and then played a blinder winner shot around the post. There was hardly anything Kyrgios could've done, other than giving the jaw-dropping expression.

Federer admits that he didn't practice the shot

According to EuroSport, the 37-year old Federer later admitted that it was one of the most unique shots he had ever played. The moment Kyrgios slowly guided the ball over the post, Federer ran to attack the ball, stretched and flicked the ball over the post by a foot.

The look on Nick Kyrgios's face was absolutely priceless. There were voices in the stadium which declared the shot by Federer to be the best ever played in tennis.

Federer, in an interview later admitted that it was an instinctive shot and he had not practiced the shot prior to the game. He said this was something that couldn't have been practiced as during the net is further out and the court is narrower.

He agreed that hitting around the post is extremely difficult in practice as the player might end up running into the fence and get hurt. There was a satisfactory smile on Federer's face as he spoke.

"These shots can only really happen on a big court where you play with the singles posts in the doubles alley", he said after the match, according to EuroSport.

Federer makes it to the last 16 again

Federer ended up winning the third round game against Kyrgios 6-4, 6-1, 7-5 to qualify to the last 16 of the US Open 2018.

The second-seeded Swiss will be facing another Aussie, John Millman, in the last 16 games. Millman qualified to the last 16 of a major grand slam for the first time in his career when he defeated Kazakhstan's Mikhail Kukushkin 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3.

If Federer ends up beating Millman in the round of 16 games, he will be qualifying for the quarterfinals of the US Open for the 13th time.

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