Aroldis Chapman, the New York yankees closer, had left the field in the 12th inning against Miami Marlins on Tuesday with some sort of niggle in his left knee. That didn't change the course of the game as the Yankees went onto win the game 2-1 at the Marlins Stadium.

Chapman, one of the key players of the Yankees, had played through the season with the knee issue, but couldn't last the entire game against the Marlins as he threw just six pitches.

According to ESPN, after the match Yankees manager Aaron Boone said that the left-handed flamethrower felt the pain in the similar spot like before, hence the team management decided to pull him out of the game.

"We'll get all the testing and stuff done [on Wednesday]", Boone concluded.

At some point in the 12th inning, Chapman threw the ball to the Marlins' Rafael Ortega and looked at the Yankees' dugout for some assistance. Following the brief chat with the team management, Chapman left the field indicating some serious problem with the knee.

According to the ESPN report, Chapman later said, "[The pain] was more than usual. That's why I decided to call the trainers out. It's more than what I encountered lately."

Boone's concern over Chapman's injury

The moment when Chapman was signaling to the dugout would be edged in the mind of Boone as a worry for the upcoming games in MLB.

Boone later inferred that generally someone getting an injury is not a concern, but the fact Chapman had to call the team management out on the field, is something that can't be taken lightly.

Chapman has had the knee issues for some time. In fact, he managed it quite well throughout the season. But this incident would be a huge concern for the Yankees moving forward in the league.

Chapman's longing knee issue

Chapman made the mention that his knee was troubling him during the practice session, but the pain increased during the game which made him call up the trainers for help.

"Discomfort is constant when I'm pitching, and I use my legs, put my effort on my legs and knee, and then you feel it more," Chapman said.

The knee pain did, in fact, affect his game. Chapman's six pitches averaged somewhere around 96.0 mph, which is his lowest average speed for his pitches in an MLB game since 2013.

Chapman was replaced by Tommy Kahnle as the Yankees registered an away win against the Marlins. It will be interesting to see when can the star player of Yankees get back from the knee problems.

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