On Tuesday, Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer became just the 17th player since 1900 to record at least 300 strikeouts in a season. According to ESPN, he is the oldest (34 years old) to have his first 300 strikeout season in the modern era.

Here are the 17 pitchers since 1900 who accomplished the impressive feat of striking out 300+ batters in a season.

Multiple time 300+ K pitchers

  • Nolan Ryan (Six times - 383 in 1973, 367 in 1974, 341 in 1977, 329 in 1972, 327 in 1976, and 301 in 1989)

Ryan’s extraordinary career saw him strike out 5,714 hitters, which is 839 more than any other pitcher in the history of the game.

  • Randy Johnson (Six times - 372 in 2001, 364 in 1999, 347 in 2000, 334 in 2002, 329 in 1998, and 308 in 1993)

A five-time Cy Young winner, Johnson reached the 300 strikeout mark in five straight seasons from 1998-2002.

  • Sandy Koufax (Three times - 382 in 1965, 317 in 1966, and 306 in 1963)

Koufax won each of his three Cy Young awards in the years he punched out more than 300 hitters.

  • Curt Schilling (Three times - 319 in 1997, 316 in 2002, and 300 in 1998)

One of just four pitchers to strike out at least 300 batters in a year since 1900, Schilling has received no more than 52.3 percent of the votes to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame (need 75 percent). He has been involved in controversies since retiring which could be causing him to receive less votes.

  • Rube Waddell (Two times - 349 in 1904 and 302 in 1903)

Waddell led the American League in strikeouts for six straight seasons from 1902-07.

  • Sam McDowell (Two times - 325 in 1965 and 304 in 1970)

McDowell could be dominant but was also a tad wild at times. He walked a combined 263 batters in the two years he reached the 300 strikeout plateau.

  • Walter Johnson (Two times - 313 in 1910 and 303 in 1912)

Johnson struck out 3,509 hitters and won 417 games in his historic 21-year career.

  • Pedro Martinez (Two times - 313 in 1999 and 305 in 1997)

One of the most fearsome pitchers in recent memory, Martinez ended his career averaging 10 strikeouts per nine innings.

  • J.R. Richard (Two times - 313 in 1979 and 303 in 1978)

Unfortunately, Richard saw his career end at the young age of 30 due to a stroke he suffered while playing catch prior to a game in 1980.

One-time 300+ K pitchers

  • Bob Feller (348 in 1946)

Feller led the American League in strikeouts seven times in the years from 1938-48, and that was with not playing from 1942-44 due to military service.

  • Steve Carlton (310 in 1972)

Carlton led the National League five times in strikeouts during a magnificent career that saw him win four National League Cy Youngs.

  • Mickey Lolich (308 in 1971)

In 1971, not only did Lolich strike out over 300 hitters, but he also led the American League with 25 wins and 29 complete games.

Sale was the American League Cy Young runner-up (behind Corey Kluber) last year as he went 17-8 with a 2.90 ERA.

  • Mike Scott (306 in 1986)

It was a magical 1986 season for Scott. He won National League Cy Young and led the league in strikeouts, ERA (2.22), and WHIP (0.92).

  • Vida Blue (301 in 1971)

Blue took home both the American League MVP and Cy Young trophies in 1971 and had a stellar 1.82 ERA.

  • Clayton Kershaw (301 in 2015)

Kershaw averaged a career-high 11.6 strikeouts per nine innings in his 2015 season where he ended with 301.

  • Max Scherzer (300 in 2018)

A three-time Cy Young winner (twice in the National League, once in the American League), Scherzer’s previous career-high was 284 strikeouts. According to Deadspin, he will have the option to pitch Sunday in the Nationals’ regular-season finale if he’d like which would allow him to finish with over 300.

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