The Chicago Cubs offense could be getting two big weapons back into the lineup on Sunday. There had been some hope that both Kyle Schwarber and Jason Heyward would be back on Saturday but neither made an appearance in the Cubs' 1-0 win. At least one factor in neither player making an appearance was the fact that the Cubs were going up against a Reds' pitcher who tends to dominate lefty hitters and gets dominated by righty sluggers. That means both could be starting for the Cubs on Sunday as they go for the series sweep against Cincy.

Power bat is much needed for struggling offense

While Kyle Schwarber has missed the past four games with a back injury, the Chicago Cubs offense has continued to struggle to find much in the way of scoring. The right fielder has had a bit of an up and down season for Chicago, but it's not a question as to whether or not the team could benefit from having an outfielder who has 25 homers this season in the lineup.

Schwarber has battled injuries for most of his career in Chicago. That includes a torn ACL that had him missing almost all of the 2016 season. He's also a fan favorite in large part because he was able to return from that injury in the World Series and led the Cubs to their first world championship in over 100 years.

With a team that has seen a power outage for most of the second half of the season, his power stroke could be just what the doctor ordered on Sunday. NBC Sports points out that it might make more sense for Schwarber to sit out the entire weekend, but manager Joe Maddon has said there is a chance he would at least be available as a pinch-hitter.

Heyward's defense would be a boost for Cubs team leaning on pitching

As for Chicago right fielder Jason Heyward, the return would be more of a defensive boost than an offensive one. The outfielder is trying to recover from a hamstring injury that has had him on the disabled list for a couple of weeks. NBC also reports that he could be activated on Sunday.

If he is completely healthy, he will make a team that has been relying on pitching and defense to have another bullet in that quiver.

At the very least, Heyward's return would mean that a few other regulars could get a bit of a rest. That's huge considering the Chicago Cubs are in a stretch where the team hasn't had a single off day for weeks. The fatigue has started to show on the field. Getting someone into the lineup who is fresh could be a boost to the team. Getting someone back who has been a kind of team leader would be even better.