The Chicago Cubs have some decisions to make should they make the playoffs. At the moment, the Cubs have the best record in the entire National League. While they have both the Cardinals and the Brewers coming after them rather hard, it is still most likely that they will manage to win the NL Central and head to the postseason for the fourth consecutive season. The streak will also be put to the test at least as far as making it to the NLCS. The Cubs lost, in the NLCS in 2015 and 2017, and won the World Series in 2016. Should they get to the playoffs again, there are going to be some decisions to make about who will be making plate appearances once the NLCS begins.

David Bote or Tommy LaStella for the Chicago Cubs?

When the season began, it was likely a no-brainer that Tommy LaStella was going to be playing for the Cubs in October should they make the playoffs. That was especially the case when LaStella was hitting about as well as any designated pinch hitter was hitting in the league in the early part of the season.

Two factors have made his addition on the roster uncertain. The first is that Tommy has started to struggle quite a bit at the plate. He's also not a very good defensive player. At the same time, Cubbies Crib points out that he's now someone who can be counted on as a veteran playoff presence.

David Bote certainly isn't a veteran presence. What he is, is actually still a bit of a question.

He's had some great, heroic at-bats since he was called up this year. He's shown some pop and he's shown he's got a decent eye at the plate. Fangraphs also has him as at least an above average defender. That could be big considering the injuries to players like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell this year. The Cubs are going to need a bat, but might also need a good defender.

Fangraphs has indeed pointed out that Bote could fit that bill.

Terrance Gore the speedy dark horse for the Cubs

The player that really makes the roster question a big question is speedy outfielder Terrence Gore. Gore comes from the Royals system but got his first major league appearances with the Cubs earlier this month. As the Kansas City Star points out, Chicago fans have fallen in love with his blazing speed.

Gore's ability to steal bases and serve as a pinch runner in a tough spot is attractive to a team that can struggle to score runs. It's a big question as to whether or not the Chicago Cubs can find a spot for him. If they do, it would indeed mean either Tommy or David are sitting at home in October.