LaVar Ball is never one to shy away from making bold, or bizarre, statements. The father of Los Angeles Lakers star, Lonzo Ball, recently dropped by an L.A. radio studio for an interview segment and is raising eyebrows again. This time, he didn't just praise his son, he may have desecrated the image of the Lakers' newest superstar, King James.

LaVar questions how it's LeBron's team

A recent LaVar appearance at Power 106's DeLa Cruz Show in Los Angeles has started to take over headlines in a summer where fans are anxiously awaiting the new NBA season.

The biggest news of the offseason is the major free agent move where LeBron James joined the Lakers. However, LaVar Ball doesn't feel that will change the overall dynamic of the team.

During his interview segment on the radio show, he was asked about the L.A. Lakers becoming LeBron James' team now. LaVar Ball was quick to reply, "How is it going to be LeBron's team?" He argued the point by saying, "Lonzo didn't go to Cleveland, LeBron came here."

The video clip above, from last week's appearance, has just started making the rounds on social media.

In that clip, LaVar Ball is also asked about what LeBron might be able to learn from Lonzo, and vice versa. Apparently, he doesn't just think that LeBron will learn anything from Lonzo, but also feels one of the game's top players of all-time can't teach his son much.

Lonzo likely to learn from LeBron

As mentioned, LaVar Ball has always been proud and boastful when it comes to his three basketball player sons.

He has continued to try to nurture them and promote them even when they may have been met with criticism, both fair and unfair, from outside sources. However, the latest comments are more on the comical side.

It seems unlikely that LaVar is going to tell Lonzo not to take any of LeBron's advice. In addition, Lonzo Ball will probably be the first to admit he's excited to have James on his roster.

Most fans realize that James is going to give the Lakers a major upgrade, along with the other veteran players that have been brought on board with him. To think nothing will be learned at least from LeBron passing on knowledge to the younger players is downright laughable.

Fans have yet to see Lonzo Ball and LeBron James connect in a game of any sorts, but it is on the way. The Lakers' regular season schedule was released last week and it sees Los Angeles opening at Portland on October 18. TNT will be covering LeBron's first official game as a member of the purple and gold.

The Lakers' regular-season win total is pegged to be around 48 wins, according to early odds.

As the season progresses, LaVar Ball may need to tone this sort of chatter down, unless Magic Johnson and company have told him it's OK to continue with it. After all, Magic is also a businessman and he may just be letting the clever "marketing" go as LaVar tries to continue "selling" his son.