It was inevitable, that Carmelo Anthony would end up signing a contract with the Houston Rockets, after the failed experiment in Oklahoma City. After weeks of chatter, Anthony has officially inked a deal today (August 13) with the formidable Rockets. There has been a lot of interesting news going around in the NBA, and with the Rockets specifically, especially with James Harden appearing to be out of shape in pictures that surfaced on Twitter.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding the Rockets, and even more with Melo joining the team. Will it work?

Will the star be given a bench role or be a starter? The Houston Rockets are certainly one of the best teams in the Western Conference, but it will have to be seen if they can defeat the Golden State Warriors, who have overshadowed all other teams, winning multiple championships.

A new destination

Carmelo Anthony has officially joined the Rockets after weeks of fans and critics believing he would sign with them. He chose to pass up on the Los Angeles Lakers and other teams like the Boston Celtics. So, it will have to be seen if Houston ends up being a better fit than the other possible destinations this offseason.

Anthony had his best years with the New York Knicks, as a dynamic scoring machine, but he has been greatly criticized for not playing defense and not making the postseason often enough.

He was also accused of not making teammates around him better. And it's easy to see that he wasn't the best player taken in his draft class, as he was alongside LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, who have each won multiple championships.

Carmelo has no rings to show for his career. There is still reason to feel that Melo can play at an elite level, though.

OKC was not a good fit and Melo was unable to take advantage of his offensive attributes. The question that lingers, is if the star can make a difference with his new team. There is reason to believe that he is still the same player, but the game has changed and we will have to see if the team caters to his strengths.

The details

An article by ESPN confirms that "Free-agent forward Carmelo Anthony signed his one-year, $2.4 million contract with the Houston Rockets on Monday." General manager Daryl Morey even took to Twitter to congratulate Melo on the signing with highlights of his game.

Anthony should be looking to revive his career with his new team after it didn't work out for him in OKC. The Thunder had him as a catch and shoot player and in a different role than he was used to. Then, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks chose to give him a buyout. With the Rockets, it will be a different role as well though, but he will be better off than in OKC, with Chris Paul and James Harden leading this team.

Anthony is an isolation and mid-range assassin, which doesn't really fit the Rockets philosophy, so Anthony might have to change his game to shooting threes. Playing off the bench can help him out a lot though. According to an article by, "He's 19th in NBA history with 25,417 points....Anthony would help the Rockets fill their void at forward after the team lost Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah Moute during free agency." Despite many believing that the Rockets took steps back from last season, if Anthony plays how he can and should, the move will be a great one for the team and give them a chance to dethrone the Warriors.

The Lakers are another team that looks to be in good shape heading into next season with the signing of players like Michael Beasley and LeBron James. This should make the Western Conference really deep during the 2018-19 NBA season.