We all know that the Los Angeles Lakers have been working hard to find another superstar LeBron James can play with, and they have been looking to make trades to get that done since the free-agent market has dried up.

The Lakers’ number one target has been San Antonio’s disgruntled forward Kawhi Leonard, but the Spurs’ asking price has been way too steep. The Spurs have pretty much asked for the Lakers’ entire young core, plus multiple first-round picks. While the Lakers are not giving up hope that one day they would be able to acquire Leonard, they have also kept their options open in case they can land other superstars.

Could Damian Lillard become a Laker?

Although the Portland Trail Blazers have been firm that they won’t trade their cornerstone player, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN jumped on the radio last week, stating that there is a strong possibility that Damian Lillard gets traded to the Lakers – or the New York Knicks.

Lillard’s name has been appearing in the rumor mill throughout the offseason, but he has told reporters that he is happy in Portland. However, there have been a couple of cryptic tweets posted on Twitter by Lillard that had many people thinking that he may want out. Additionally, Dave McMenamin of ESPN made an appearance on The Jump and stated that Lillard may eventually want to play on a championship contending team if the Blazers don't show any promise this season.

The Lakers haven’t wasted time searching for other stars outside of Leonard. In fact, they have been pursuing multiple stars via trade but have been unsuccessful so far.

How the Lakers could possibly entice Portland

It’s going to be difficult for Lakers to trade for a star that has yet to publicly express his desire to leave his current team, like Kawhi Leonard has.

If the Lakers can engage the Blazers in trade talks, they would most likely offer Lonzo Ball, who most recently had knee surgery. In addition, they may have to offer multiple first-round picks and possibly other young players, such as Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma.

In a trade for Lillard, the Lakers won’t have much leverage like they do with San Antonio since Leonard absolutely wants to come to Los Angeles and has an expiring contract.

Meanwhile, Lillard still has three years, approximately $89.3 million remaining on his contract. The Blazers obviously can hold onto him and control his destiny for at least two more years.

It’s insane to think that the Lakers would be able to get a guy like Lillard, who has a long-term contract with his current team. They’ve already been having trouble trying to acquire Leonard, and he’s actually on an expiring contract and has expressed his desire to play for the Lakers. However, in this crazy offseason, anything is possible.