There were ongoing NBA rumors suggesting that free agent Jabari Parker would be on the move. Now it seems that the speculation has become reality as Parker and the Chicago Bulls have reached a deal. The Milwaukee Bucks star will now make a decent salary in the Windy City, according to the recent reports. He could also emerge into a star player for the franchise if he can get past previous setbacks.

Two-year deal details

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski first reported (via league sources) that an offer-sheet deal could be finalized as early as Saturday.

Woj also indicated that there was no expectation that Parker's longtime team, the Milwaukee Bucks, would match the offer sheet. This proved to be true.

As Real GM reported, the Bucks took away a qualifying offer. That allowed Jabari Parker to become an unrestricted free agent. He was one of the top free agents left for teams to consider after top stars including LeBron James, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins all made decisions on which teams to sign with this offseason.

Various sites, including Real GM, have said that Parker's deal with the Chicago Bulls would be worth $40 million over two years. The website also said that the qualifying offer was just $4.3 million. Wojnarowski confirmed that league sources said the deal will be $40 million for the former Bucks player.

Bulls still rebuilding for future

After the Jimmy Butler trade last summer, the Chicago Bulls are a team that is continuing to add younger talent in search of success. Thanks to the Butler deal, they were able to draft Lauri Markannen. The big man could become a future star in the league based on how he looked in Chicago last season.

In an interesting move, the team opted for another big man in this past summer's NBA draft. They had the No. 7 pick and selected Duke center, Wendell Carter. Their draft pick came ahead of other talents including Collin Sexton, Kevin Knox, Mikal Bridges, and Michael Porter Jr. in terms of availability at the spot.

By bringing Jabari Parker on board, the Bulls are hoping he can bounce back from some of his injury setbacks and blossom into the star player he truly can be.

Parker was the No. 2 pick back in 2014 and looks capable of becoming a legit scorer if he can stay healthy.

He brings career averages of 15.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, and two assists per game to a Chicago Bulls team still in need of additional help. The team has a balance of scoring options on their roster, with Nikola Mirotic, Zach LaVine, Sean Kilpatrick, and Markkanen all averaging 15 points or more per game. By adding Parker to the mix, a speculative starting lineup could include Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, Parker, Markannen, and rookie Wendell Carter.

The Chicago Bulls (27-55) finished third-to-last in the Eastern Conference but showed stretches of promise last season. As they continue to add pieces, they'll need time to gel as a roster, but this team could soon have that identity it needs.