LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday, making some fans believe that he was going to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, there were also reports that LeBron spoke with the Cleveland Cavaliers on the phone on Saturday night and then Adrian Wojnarowski reported that LeBron's agents were talking to the Philadelphia 76ers in Los Angeles. It was all smoke-and-mirrors. When the 2017-18 NBA season started, LeBron looked like he would be leaving the Cavaliers for the Lakers at the end of the season and that is what happened.

LeBron James' new Lakers contract

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, LeBron James has agreed to a new four-year, $154 million deal to join the Los Angeles Lakers. The report was broke originally by Klutch Sports before Wojnarowski chimed in on the huge move. The Cleveland Cavaliers could have offered LeBron James the largest contract in NBA history at five years and $205 million.

This means that LeBron James will make the fourth move of his NBA career. The Cavaliers drafted him in 2003 and he led them to one NBA Finals appearance before leaving to join the Miami Heat and create a big-time super team. He then led the Heat to four straight NBA Finals, winning two of them.

LeBron James then returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers and led them to four straight NBA Finals appearances, winning one of them while playing the Golden State Warriors all four seasons.

The Los Angeles Lakers will mark the first time that LeBron has played for a Western Conference team.

What this means in Los Angeles

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, this might not be the end of the Los Angeles Lakers moves.

Kawhi Leonard has already contacted LeBron James about playing together and he has made it clear that he wants the San Antonio Spurs to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have missed out on the NBA playoffs for five consecutive seasons. The team that has won 16 NBA Championships is in one of the biggest droughts of their franchise existence and they have Magic Johnson trying to turn things around.

With that said, the 2017-18 NBA season was the best for the team since 2012-13. The Los Angeles Lakers have a young core with Kyle Kuzma, Julius Randle and Lonzo Ball, but with LeBron James coming in, none of that matters. He will want more names signed -- possibly Kawhi Leonard -- which will end the upstart team and create a new super team in its place.

NBA free agent deals won't be locked in until players sign on Friday, July 6.