LeBron James let the Cleveland Cavaliers know that he will not opt into the final year of his contract and will become a free agent once again. The last two times that LeBron became a free agent, he changed teams. After his rookie contract in Cleveland ended, he headed to the Miami Heat to go to four straight NBA Finals. Then, when he could, he left Miami and returned to Cleveland to play in four more NBA Finals. Now, in his third -- and likely final step into NBA free agency -- LeBron has a big choice to make. According to ESPN, LeBron is focused on only two options this time around -- remaining with the Cleveland Cavaliers or going to the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron and the Cavs

There are a couple of big reasons that LeBron James could remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The first is financial. The Cavs can pay LeBron more than any other team in the NBA -- a five-year max for $205 million. The most that any other team can offer him is $152 million over four years.

The second reason is one that James has spoken of in the past. When he left for Miami and then back to Cleveland, it was all about winning championships. However, he now has sons who are playing basketball. His kids are in the Cleveland school systems and one of his sons is a highly touted recruit. Doing right by his family is now important to LeBron as well.

LeBron and the Lakers

The other option for LeBron James is the Los Angeles Lakers.

This has been rumored at since the start of the 2017-18 NBA season. Not only did ESPN report that LeBron is considering the Cavaliers and Lakers, but Bleacher Report also reported that a number of NBA teams indicated James turned down meetings with them.

Now, LeBron James has always said that if someone does not hear it from his mouth, it isn't true.

That is a fact when it comes to what James wants, but if teams say he rejected meetings with them, that is a fact as well, regardless of the superstar hiding his intentions.

There are two big selling points when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers. First, LeBron James owns a home there and has said numerous times he loves the location and he also wants to do more branding -- including acting and promotional work.

Second, the Lakers have more available to build a super team around James.

The Los Angeles Lakers could add names like Kawhi Leonard through a trade or a big-name free agent like Paul George to add to LeBron James and become an instant NBA title contender.

NBA free agents can sign with new teams as early as Sunday.