In 2010, LeBron James made his NBA decision using a live television interview through ESPN to really build up the moment. Now, eight years later, James will make another huge career decision, this time using his company and Instagram to announce it. There are reports surfacing as to the way in which LeBron will let the world know where he plans to play next season. In addition, those reports are indicating that fans will get to see a trailer for the sequel to the original "Space Jam" movie.

LeBron to make use of Uninterrupted

LeBron James is well known as an icon in the sports world, but his reach goes beyond that.

He's delved into multiple endorsements, investments, and business ventures. Among those is Uninterrupted, a multimedia company he has founded with his business partner Maverick Carter.

In a June 25 report via Kevin Kleps on Crain's Cleveland Business, they mention that Uninterrupted seems like the "obvious answer" for where LeBron makes his upcoming team announcement. As journalist Jason Lloyd told the website, "Uninterrupted wasn't around in 2014 and obviously not in 2010," which leads him to believe it will be used for LeBron's 2018 decision.

The frontrunners for James' chosen team have been his current Cleveland Cavs team, the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, or Philadelphia 76ers.

However, some feel it had been whittled down to just a decision of Cavaliers or Lakers.

The date for LeBron revealing his intentions for next season is unclear. Some feel that it will happen on the Fourth of July. Others are speculating that July 6 will be the date. That's when NBA free agency signings can officially occur.

'Space Jam 2' trailer debut

Not only will LeBron James' next big decision be used to help him promote his company, but also to push a new movie. A report from Screen Rant on Tuesday (June 26) said that LeBron "may debut a trailer for 'Space Jam 2'" after his announcement. The movie is the highly-anticipated sequel to the original, which starred Michael Jordan, the man who LeBron is often compared to in debates on who is basketball's greatest player.

That film came out back in the 1990s.

It's also mentioned that the trailer may debut on a new part of Instagram called "Instagram TV." However, it may be more of a teaser trailer compared to a full look at scenes from a movie. Screen Rant speculated that it's hard to imagine a "Space Jam 2" movie was secretly filmed since August of 2017. That's when NBA player Jeremy Lin made reference to it, but there hasn't been a lot of talk about it since then. In addition, there's been an NBA season going on, and LeBron's been quite busy with games.

Nonetheless, all of the news combined is exciting and will bring fans closure on the next, and possibly final chapter, of King James' career. The Los Angeles Lakers had been leading in the odds to land LeBron, and if these tidbits are clues, they could be pointing to L.A. What better time to promote a business and movie teaser than right around the time one announces they're moving out to Hollywood?