When the deadline came to opt in or out of NBA contracts, there was a lot of questions surrounding LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Most people expected LeBron to opt out but there were rumors that he wanted to sign with one of two teams -- the Cavaliers or the Los Angeles Lakers. While the Philadelphia 76ers name came up as well, most experts felt it came down to those two teams. One Lakers legend -- Shaquille O'Neal -- said that he thought LeBron should stay in Cleveland. However, LeBron chose to sign a contract with the Lakers and now another Lakers legend has spoken up.

Kobe Bryant on LeBron James

Shaquille O'Neal was a member of the Orlando Magic before he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and won some NBA Championships with the team. However, his teammate at the time -- Kobe Bryant -- was a homegrown talent who the Lakers drafted and who played for them his entire career. Kobe -- like Magic Johnson, the man who now runs the Lakers -- are royalty in Los Angeles.

With that said, Kobe Bryant quickly spoke out after the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James to the team. In his brief comments on Twitter, Bryant congratulated Magic Johnson on signing LeBron, welcomed the King to "the family" and said that it was well done and time to "strive for greatness."

LeBron and the Lakers

Now that LeBron James has agreed to join the Los Angeles Lakers, there is a lot of questions surrounding how he will fit in with the young team in Los Angeles.

Even as big as Miami was when LeBron played there, nothing will compare to what he faces in Los Angeles.

On top of Kobe Bryant, names like Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg, Chrissy Teigen, Ava DeVernay and Ice Cube all sent out their congratulations to LeBron James for his decision. This seems almost ridiculous to an outsider who sees the Los Angeles Lakers as a team that has missed the playoffs for the last five seasons.

Shouldn't they congratulate the Lakers for signing LeBron, since it is James who people will expect to be the savior of Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Lakers followed up the LeBron James signing by also bringing in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Lance Stephenson, as well as veteran center JaVale McGee.

Lonzo Ball will enter his second season with the Lakers and Kyle Kuzma is also a star on the team from this past season.

There is still a chance that the Lakers try to swing a trade with the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, something that would place them on equal ground with the best in the West.