Trump took to Twitter on Friday to critique the policy, call for action from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and suggest his own penalties. In May, the NFL introduced a new policy with teams fined if players fail to stand during the anthem. The NFL policy also asked that players who would refuse to stand should remain in the locker room while the anthem was played.

A day after the NFL’s national anthem protest controversy resurfaced in the news, Trump tweeted on the subject, criticizing the league’s revised policy, calling out commissioner Roger Goodell and suggesting potential punishments for those who kneel.

Trump proposes his own NFL national anthem policy

"If a player kneels for the national anthem, eject him from the game. Then, if a player kneels for the national anthem a second time, suspend him for the season," Trump suggests the NFL commissioner.

The New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch also commented on the issue. "He has no understanding of why they take a knee or why they’re protesting.

When the new season starts, I hope his priorities are not criticizing the NFL and telling owners what to do and what not to do," Tisch told the Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, the NFL and NFL Players Association said in a joint statement Thursday night that they were halting enforcement of all anthem rules while they work out a solution.

The Miami Dolphins' controversy

The joint statement from both bodies came only hours after it was reported that the Miami Dolphins announced that they would issue suspensions of up to four games for players who protested on the field during the national anthem this season via their “Proper Anthem Conduct” policy.

The Dolphins’ controversy is just the latest in a wave of backlash against the NFL’s anthem protest policy, which has attracted heavy criticism from players as well as President Donald Trump.

In March, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross denied a report published by The Washington Post claiming that he had said, “All of our players will be standing,” at an event in New York in which he was honored by the Jackie Robinson Foundation. “I have no intention of forcing our players to stand during the anthem, and I regret that my comments have been misconstrued,’’ Ross said.

There is a pressure now on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to facilitate a solution that appeases players, owners, fans, and advertisers. That is not an easy task. Watch this space for more updates on NFL.