The latest episode of WWE "Raw" brought with it a surprising title change just one night after the "Money in the Bank 2018" pay-per-view. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was successful on Sunday night in an entertaining match to retain his title belt. However, a new opponent stepped forward on Monday night to finally dethrone "The Architect." The end result was that a brand new champion was crowned just one night after the big PPV event.

Rollins issues open challenge

The latest episode of Monday's prime time show was held in the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was feeling good after his big win against Elias the night before. That victory took a lot out of the champion as fans saw him clutching his knee several times during the matchup. However, Rollins sent out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room who wanted to go for the title.

The former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, decided to answer the challenge. He arrived at the ring along with his enforcer Drew McIntyre. That provided Rollins with the opponent he was seeking, but it may have been a bad move to allow someone fresh to get into the ring with him.

Ziggler was not on the card at "Money in the Bank."

Ziggler defeats Rollins for the title

According to Pro Wrestling website, the WWE title match went over 18 minutes with several near finishes for both competitors. Ziggler was able to avoid Seth's Curb-Stomp just seconds after the match was underway. After several commercial breaks, Rollins had another Curb Stomp attempt by Ziggler and kicked Seth's injured knee.

Dolph hit a Fameasser finishing move, but Rollins was able to kick out.

Later in the match, Ziggler was able to avoid a Frog Splash attempt by Rollins. However, the champion was able to roll through Ziggler's crossbody attempt and hit the Buckle Bomb. That's when Drew McIntyre got involved as he climbed onto the ring apron.

Ziggler tried to roll up Rollins for a quick pinfall, but the champ rolled him up. Dolph Ziggler rolled through that attempt and held onto Seth's tights to get the big win.

With the latest IC title win, Dolph Ziggler now has six Intercontinental Championship reigns. That puts him in a three-way tie for third-place overall with Jeff Jarrett and Rob Van Damm. Only The Miz (eight) and Chris Jericho (nine) have more Intercontinental title reigns than those superstars. Ziggler's resume also includes two United States titles and two World Heavyweight title reigns.

It was a surprising finish to the match but similar to the way fans saw Seth Rollins defend his title the night before. The bigger surprise may be the title change with Ziggler becoming champion again. For a while, Dolph was stuck in the mid-card for the WWE and seemed like he had fallen out of favor with officials. However, "The Showoff" keeps winning titles. Fans can only hope that WWE will make this Intercontinental title run relevant because both The Miz and Seth Rollins carried the belt for a considerable time.

Seth Rollins' fans are also hoping that this title loss will lead to bigger and better things for "The Architect." That could include a well-deserved run at the WWE Universal Championship. However, Rollins is probably aware that Braun Strowman is looking to cash in for the title with that Money in the Bank briefcase.