The WWE continues to rely on its new breed of stars for both Raw and SmackDown though some veteran flavor could make things a bit interesting. One personality sorely missing as of late is Dolph Ziggler, someone who has gotten a crazy ride.

After getting a push to the main event, “The Showoff” has gone from big name wrestler to nothing. He is still around, appearing at WWE live events. But as far as roles in main storylines, most may have noticed his absence. So what gives?

Best options for Ziggler

Ziggler is no stranger when it comes to figuring prominently on the main WWE titles.

He also had his share of figuring in controversial storylines. The creative team has tried all angles to build his character in the past, and it looks like they are whipping up something once more.

With updates on the former WWE champion pretty low, some are speculation big things to come. A recent episode on “Filthy Our Daily” with Bryan Alvarez and Tom Lawler touches in the case of “The Showoff,” revealing how the WWE may be repackaging Ziggler once more.

While it was not mentioned, it would be any WWE fan’s guess on whether he will return as a face or heel star. Ziggler has done both though he seems to have tried more with a villainous persona.

Aside from that, will he still be known as Dolph Ziggler?

The WWE has a knack of overhauling even the screen names of their stars in the past. Such has worked for select wrestlers so it may certainly work for the 37-year-old also known as Nicholas Theodore Nemeth.

Tag team probability

If not as a singles competitor, Ziggler could be paired up with someone to get things going. The last star he feuded with could be that guy – Shinsuke Nakamura.

The tactic is nothing new. It has been done in the past to help stars get their career back on track. That could lead to a tag team title run, something that will eventually end with Ziggler turning on his partner.

That could be Nakamura or a WWE star also in need of a push. Looking at the SmackDown roster, plenty could pair up with him.

Seeing Ziggler in tag team action also makes sense considering he has the knack of high flying maneuvers that could fit in perfectly with the right partner.

At some point, Ziggler will return to the WWE scene. It could be on SmackDown or Raw (assuming the WWE shake up does happen). With SummerSlam 2017 approaching, a return could be in the works at the Barclays Center, or the WWE shows immediately following it. Stay tuned!