NBA Free Agency starts on July 1 and there are plenty of prime targets. The biggest names that could, and likely will, hit the free agent market include LeBron James and Paul George. The speculation that James will be leaving Cleveland, again, has been high after a run to the 2018 NBA Finals where James carried the Cavaliers. Before leaving the Indiana Pacers, George had reportedly informed the Pacers front office that he planned on signing with the Los Angeles Lakers after the 2017-18 season as a free agent. George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he might not be leaving for Los Angeles after all.

George may have unfinished business in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Thunder took a big risk in acquiring George from the Pacers last summer, but sometimes big risks turn into big rewards.

The risk for the Thunder is whether they acquired a player that is only playing out a contract to get from one place to another. As mentioned before, the Pacers wanted to trade him before George walked for nothing. So does Oklahoma City have a chance at keeping George?

In a new three-part documentary, in which he will announce his free-agent decision in the third and final part, George hints that he may have "unfinished business" with the Thunder.

According to the International Business Times, George said, "...I felt I didn't finish as strong as I could have.

Just knowing you left something on the table, even to this point now, it weighs on me."

The Thunder tried out a team last season that included veterans Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and George. It did not go as planned when they were eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Utah Jazz.

And what the Lakers are planning might not go over well with the Thunder either.

What are the Lakers planning?

The Lakers have been planning for the free agent summer of 2018, and it could be the summer that brings star power back to Los Angeles.

Three names that Los Angeles is trying to bring in are George, James, and Kawhi Leonard. Landing these NBA elites would complete one of the biggest free agent summers for one team in NBA history.

In order to do this, though, a lot of factors weigh in.

First of all, both George and James have to exercise their player options and opt out of their contracts with their respective teams. But after reports of George possibly having unfinished business in Oklahoma City, it might lead James to take his talents elsewhere

Along with the possibility of George staying with the Thunder, it is reported that talks between the San Antonio Spurs and the Lakers have not gone well. The Spurs have said that they do not want to trade Leonard to a Western Conference team, despite Leonard wanting to get away from San Antonio, and Los Angeles is his top trade choice.

ESPN has reported that the Lakers are willing to give up former No.

2 pick Brandon Ingram and a future first-round pick in order to push their efforts to acquire Leonard.

Even if Leonard is not in Southern California come the beginning of next season, Los Angeles will be the favorites to sign him come next summer.