Kawhi Leonard is leaving the San Antonio Spurs. He wants a trade and didn't play hardly at all in 2017-18, so the Spurs keeping him makes no sense. However, the Spurs don't have to accept anything for Leonard, so the star player has little say in where he goes. Despite that, Yahoo Sports reported that Leonard called LeBron James personally to let him know that he wants to team up with him in the future. According to the reports, Leonard pitched himself to LeBron based on his defense and the ability to take pressure off Hames on the offensive side of the ball.

Kawhi Leonard and his future

ESPN reported that Kawhi Leonard has a few teams interested in him and that the San Antonio Spurs are talking to at least the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics about their superstar. The Lakers are the big team there because that is one of the key destinations that LeBron James is considering if he opts out of his Cleveland Cavaliers contract on Friday.

The problem is that the Spurs want major assets in a trade for Kawhi Leonard. The rumors indicate that they have a chance to get the same level of trade that the Indiana Pacers did when they traded Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The problem is that the Spurs consider Kawhi a more important player and want more in return.

The big thing is that on Friday, players can opt out of their contracts. Paul George already said he was opting out of his and LeBron James will probably wait until the last minute. If the San Antonio Spurs want to trade Kawhi Leonard to the Los Angeles Lakers, they have to act fast.

LeBron and Kawhi

That brings things back around to the reported phone call from Kawhi Leonard to LeBron James.

Earlier on Thursday, rumors started running that LeBron James reached out to Kevin Durant, something ESPN reported happened but other sites claimed was not true. Now, there are sources who claim Kawhi reached out to LeBron.

It is clear that making a super team is the way to go now in the NBA. The Boston Celtics created a super team many years ago.

The Miami Heat made a super team. The Cleveland Cavaliers made a super team. The Golden State Warriors almost broke the league when they made a super team by adding Kevin Durant.

If the Los Angeles Lakers make three big moves -- bringing in LeBron James, trading for Kawhi Leonard, and maybe even signing a free agent in Paul George -- the Lakers could end up with an even better team than the Warriors. That is a very scary thought.