After only a few months on the job, former detroit tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio has been fired for using what the team deemed insensitive comments towards another team employee. A one-day investigation of the incident where the employee accused Bosio of using the remark "spider monkey" or "monkey" towards him. The claim has been emphatically denied by the former Chicago Cubs pitching coach, who was a part of the Chicago's 2016 World Championship.

Bosio says he used the words towards another player

In an interview with USA Today, Bosio explained his side of the story.

He made it clear that in the conversation he used the word "spider monkey" to describe Tigers' relief pitcher Daniel Stumpf.

"Someone in our coaches' room asked me about Stumpf," Bosio said. "And I said, Oh, you mean, spider monkey. That is his nickname."

Bosio said the nickname comes from the faces that Stumpf makes while in the weight room.

At the time that the comment was used, another African American clubhouse attendant overheard and assumed that it was directed toward him.

"The kid thought we were talking about him. He got all upset. He assumed we were talking about him," Bosio reiterated.

After the comment was made and reported by the clubhouse attendant, Bosio was interviewed by Tigers GM Al Avila, manager Ron Gardenhire, assistant GM and general counsel John Westhoff where he, again, defended his words.

After a one day investigation, Tigers GM Al Avila informed Bosio of his firing.

"Al said, we got all of our information, and we're firing you because of your insensitive comments," Bosio told USA Today.

Bosio said he was shocked and in disbelief at his firing.

Bosio may pursue legal action

Due to the nature of the firing, Bosio may consider legal action.

Of course, the nature of the firing could cause people to perceive Bosio as someone who is racially insensitive. He wants to protect his future and clear his name.

Bosio said, "I've got to protect myself someway because this is damaging as hell to me."

He goes on to say, in the quote, that he did not use any profanity or vulgarity in the words he used to describe Stumpf and not the clubhouse attendant.

Bosio had served as a pitching coach for four different MLB teams since 2003, including the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, and Detroit Tigers. He helped the Cubs and their pitching staff to their first World Series Championship in 2016 after a 108-year drought.