LeBron James has until noon on Friday, June 29, to let the Cleveland Cavaliers know if he will opt in or out of the final year of his contract with the team. Whether he opts in or not, the questions will still remain concerning James' future in the NBA. Regardless of his decision, LeBron's next contract will be his final major deal with an NBA team and it sounds like he wants to go out with a bang. According to Stephen A. Smith on Thursday's episode of ESPN's "First Edition," LeBron sent a text message to Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant about the possibilities of them teaming up in the future.

LeBron and KD together

When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers the first time, he chose to join Dwyane Wade -- widely considered one of the top NBA players of that time -- with the Miami Heat. When LeBron chose to leave Miami and return to Cleveland, he joined Kyrie Irving -- considered one of the top young stars in the league.

However, if LeBron James and Kevin Durant could work something out in the future to play together on an NBA team, it would be monumental. James is considered the best player in the NBA and Kevin Durant has a lot of people who believe he has surpassed James already. Putting them together would be even bigger than when Durant joined Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors two years ago -- a move that has secured back-to-back NBA Championships.

How could this NBA pairing work?

Of course, just because LeBron James reportedly contacted Kevin Durant about teaming up, it does not mean it will happen. For one thing -- where would they play? Stephen A. Smith said that James wants to go to the Los Angeles Lakers and he wants KD to join him there.

The problem here is that Kevin Durant said he plans to stay with the Golden State Warriors and keep winning championships there.

Smith said that Durant wants to surpass LeBron James when it comes to NBA title. With that in mind, it seems like James is wanting to put together another superteam.

Kevin Durant is a reigning NBA Finals MVP and recently said that he doesn't think he will play for many more years. The Los Angeles Lakers, by the way, are reported to be looking at Kwahi Leonard even before they are looking at LeBron James, so this might not even be in the cards.

If LeBron James is making calls or texts to other superstars, it sounds like he is leaning towards leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. The question now is who he will bring with him to his new home.