When LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in four games to the Golden State Warriors, the third time in the last four seasons that the Cavs have lost to the Warriors in the NBA Finals, it looked like LeBron was finished with the franchise. His contract had a no-trade clause -- meaning the Cavs had to stick with him regardless -- and an opt-out clause, which means he can now leave if he wants and there is nothing Cleveland can do about it. Most experts believe that LeBron will leave now, and there are already NBA superstars reaching out and trying to sell their franchise to LeBron as the best spot for him in 2018.

One of these free agents is Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid takes his promotions to Twitter

Joel Embiid plays for one of the three teams that experts believe are on LeBron James' target list. Those teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers. To put this tweet into perspective, the motto in Philadelphia was the "trust the process." They tanked for three years to get high draft picks every year and made it back to the NBA playoffs this year for the first time in ages with Embiid and Ben Simmons. Adding LeBron James could make them an NBA Finals contender.

Joining the Philadelphia 76ers would keep LeBron James in the Eastern Conference, which is always the easier path to the NBA Finals and LeBron James would be an immediate upgrade over Robert Covington.

They would immediately become the top team in the conference alongside the Boston Celtics and maybe Toronto Raptors.

Everyone wants LeBron

It seems like almost everyone wants LeBron James to join them in 2018 -- and that is not a surprise. James has been to eight consecutive NBA Finals -- four with the Miami Heat and four with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When he left Miami, they collapsed and the same will likely happen in Cleveland.

LaVar Ball has always been outspoken about LeBron James joining his son Lonzo Ball with the Los Angeles Lakers. Paul George also talked about joining the Lakers and that could make Los Angeles an elite team again if that partnership were to happen.

Even players who feuded with LeBron James this season have spoken up. Enes Kanter, the New York Knicks star who had a lot of fights on and off the court with James this season, posted a photo of Lebron photoshopped with a Knicks jersey on.

The San Antonio Spurs might be losing Kwahi Leonard this offseason, and Dejounte Murray posted a photo of LeBron James in a Spurs jersey on his Twitter page.