The Cleveland Cavaliers were huge underdogs to the Golden State Warriors but no one expected the Warriors to sweep the Cavs in the NBA Finals. After the Cavs beat the Indiana Pacers in seven games, swept the Toronto Raptors and squeaked out a tough win over the Boston Celtics, most expected them to at least put up a fight. However, after losing the first game in overtime to the Warriors, Golden State blew out Cleveland in the next three games to sweep the series. As a result, Cavaliers fans might have just watched LeBron James play his last game for their franchise, losing to the Warriors, 108-85.

The Game 4 blowout loss

Some people thought that LeBron James might win the NBA Finals MVP -- even if the Cleveland Cavaliers lost. That was in no danger of happening after his Game 4 performance. In each game of the NBA Finals, the Cavs scored fewer points, starting at 114 in the overtime loss, and then falling to 103, 102 and finally a low 85 points in Game 4.

LeBron James, who was three rebounds away from averaging a triple-double and was averaging over 30 points a game in the first three losses, scored 23 total points and only pulled down seven rebounds and dished out eight assists in the loss. James hit only 53-percent of his shots, but in a confusing outcome, he only attempted 13 shots -- one fewer than Cavs bench player Rodney Hood.

If this was LeBron James last game for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he went out with a whimper that was very unlike the King.

What was wrong with LeBron James?

LeBron James has never been one to make excuses but he made one after the Game 4 loss in the NBA Finals.

After the Game 1 loss in overtime to the Golden State Warriors -- a loss that was caused by a huge mistake by J.R. Smith at the end -- LeBron then went into the locker room and emotionally punched a blackboard.

According to LeBron James, he then played the next three games with "pretty much" a broken hand. He said it was self-inflicted and he said it was caused by an emotional outburst.

If this is true then LeBron possibly was directly instrumental in costing the Cleveland Cavaliers a chance to win a game in the NBA Finals.

As for the 2018 NBA season, the Cleveland Cavaliers started with a team of veterans and then made trades to get younger. The somehow made it back to the NBA Finals anyway, but it was not enough for LeBron James to consider it a success. LeBron said there was no success in 2018 because they lost in the NBA Finals.

The most important question that LeBron James fans have is what he plans to do now that the 2017-18 NBA season has ended and he has a chance to opt out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When LeBron was asked if he felt he played his last game with the Cavs, he said he did not know.

LeBron James said one of the big things he has to consider his children. When LeBron moved back to Cleveland, his kids were younger. He said that his family will play a large part in what decision he makes for his future and he will talk to them about it.