The NBA season is officially over, so let the LeBron James rumors begin. James will obviously be the biggest sought after free-agent in modern history, however, where he lands next fall is really anyone's guess. Nevertheless, the summer of LeBron is officially underway. As a report by ESPN states, James is about to be a free agent again.

LeBron to the Big Apple

LeBron James has been rumored to be heading to almost every team under the sun since the 2017-18 regular season began. Now that the season has come to a disappointing end for the Cavs, the question on some NBA fans’ minds is where will James take his talents in 2018?

How about to the city that never sleeps? According to a Clutch Points report, former NBA star Kenyon Martin believes that LeBron James will once again shun his hometown by leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the New York Knicks in free agency this summer.

Martin had this to say on the popular New York CBS radio show “The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart, and Maggie,” this past Friday (June 8), “I think LeBron coming to the Knicks...just because of the way he approaches things, the way he wants his legacy to be I think coming to a franchise that hasn’t done anything of late.”

Not that NBA insiders know everything, but the New York Knicks are not rumored to be on James’ short list of teams to head to next fall.

The main reason Martin’s prediction seems odd is simple: the Knicks are not a good team. Sure, James would bring in fans and make the team instantly credible, but unless several others followed, like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, don’t expect to see James dawning a Knicks jersey next season. Leading the way via the rumor mill are the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, and San Antonio Spurs as potential destinations.

Will he stay or will he go?

Cavaliers fans have seen this movie before. If James does leave Cleveland for the second time, will fans go back to calling him a traitor, shun his name, boo him every time he touches the ball, and, of course, burn his jersey once again? Or with all the recent success just say who cares and move on?

The truth of the matter is Cleveland is still the beast of the East, and James’ best shot at returning to the NBA finals again next season may be if he stays put in Cleveland. Especially if Cleveland can add a free agent like Paul George to the mix. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has proven time and time again that he isn't bashful when it comes trying to strike a deal either via trade or free-agent signing to keep the Cavs competitive.