LeBron James rumors won’t go away. While James prepares to play in his eighth straight NBA Finals, many NBA fans are already wondering where the King will land in the upcoming 2019 season. Are we on the verge of “The Decision Part II”?

Not again

Win or lose in this year's NBA Finals, LeBron James has made basketball relevant in Cleveland. However, is James on the verge of crushing the hearts of Cavs nation again? He couldn’t, could he? James, along with several other NBA superstars, will become free agents once this season finally comes to an end.

The last time James was a free agent and decided to take his talent to South Beach, fans reacted by burning his jersey and swearing him off as a resident of the state of Ohio. Of course, fans opened up their arms wide when James decided to return to the Cavaliers in 2014, but the big question is: How will the fans react if James once again bolts for a new team in 2019?

Owner Dan Gilbert was very vocal the last time James decided not to re-up with the Cavs and bolt to South Beach. This time Gilbert seems to be focused more on winning the title in front of them and not worrying about what could happen next season.

“Like him, (James) I think he’s said this, we’re just focused — and it’s the truth, it’s not avoiding the question — we’re literally focused on (the now),” Gilbert told ESPN.

Is LeBron James going to Philly?

If a “Decision Part II” did take place, what team would James chose? According to a Clutch Points report, the Philadelphia 76ers are the Vegas odds favorite for the King to set up his new court this fall. BetOnline sportsbook has Philadelphia listed as the favorite to land James at +150.

James’ current team, the Cavaliers, are at a close second at +175, with the Houston Rockets coming in third place at +250.

Houston would be a very interesting choice for James. The Rockets are becoming a powerhouse in the West, and many experts believe that if Chris Paul didn’t get hurt in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against Golden State, it would be the Rockets representing the West, not the Warriors in this year's championship.

You have to believe that James will stay in Cleveland no matter how big the hype gets, don’t you?

Stranger things have happened, but if the Cavs win the NBA title this season, It would be very hard to imagine LeBron James walking away -- again.

Other teams that are on the odds board at BetOnline include the Los Angeles Lakers +550, Golden State Warriors +1600, Miami Heat +1600, and the Los Angeles Clippers +2500. The Clippers and Heat do not seem very realistic, but you never know.