Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors clashed in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Thursday night. It was a close game and a real nail-biter for fans of both sides. With two minutes of play left, there was only one point between the two teams. This was a hard fight and LeBron James managed another incredible game. If more Cavs' players had come to the party, apart from Kevin Love, it may not have been such a close battle.

Cleveland Cavaliers looked to steal the game

The comments over on Twitter revealed the intensity of the NBA Finals Game 1 in the last few minutes.

Those people who missed the game will most likely be kicking themselves. Don't we all love a nail-biting game of basketball? Golden State Warriors were predicted as firm favorites to win the Finals, as reported by ESPN but if LeBron James can just get the rest of the team to chip in a bit more, this could change soon.

But for some fans, they thought the referees were a little too harsh on the Cavs with some of them even going so far as to suggest the games were being fixed. One tweet read, "3 bad calls down the stretch — ALL against @cavs."

Then there was another who tweeted, that the NBA should look at the "officiating."

Golden State vs Cavs Game 1 last-minute reactions from Twitter

There are bound to be high emotions when a game is this close, and no matter how the officiating went, one can say for sure that LeBron James has some sturdy fans and after this game, probably even a few more.

Let's see what they had to say about the nailbiting game as the clock ticked down.

User Bolty got super-excited about Cavs' LeBron James, tweeting, "@cavs My Boy KingJames Winning THIS THING!!!"

The intensity of the fans was just electric as the game got closer and closer to the end.

It was also getting a bit tense for the bet-makers too as the Cavaliers looked to take the game in a steal from Golden state warriors.

Cavaliers' JR Smith gets a lot of heat; fans think he cost them the game

As the game went into the last few countdown seconds, JR Smith raised a lot of ire.

This was apart from loads of people complaining the refs were calling against the Cavs deliberately. Bad ref calls can be questioned, but sheer inattention by a player who earns millions to be a professional really blew the stack of some fans. Even Cleveland Cavaliers. com reported that Jr Smith had "lost his mind."

One player was totally incensed with Jr Smith dribbling out and other felt he actually felt that Smith had cost the Cavaliers the game at the end of the day.

"Jr Smith may be the dumbest sob ive ever seen. Lol dribbled out when he could havecgotren layup and definitely fouled. King James should banish him from his kingdom," tweeted @Seawolfpack.

Others also got angry about that move by Jr Smith.

Cleveland Cavaliers really did have a hard time with all the calls against them, but Jr Smith also made a huge mistake in the NBA Finals Game 1 against Golden State Warriors.