Over the last year, Donald Trump has made a point to take shots at the National Football League (NFL) for allowing players to protest during the playing of the national anthem. During his recent meeting with NASCAR at the White House, the president took another subtle jab.

Trump on NASCAR

It was last September when Donald Trump campaigned for Luther Strange during the Alabama special election.

During his speech, Trump went off script to take a shot at the NFL and their players for protesting during the national anthem. Trump infamously remarked that the protesters were a "son of a b*tch" and urged team owners to take action. In the weeks and months that followed, athletes from around the country spoke out in opposition to Trump's remarks, while protests increased as a show of solidarity. While the former host of "The Apprentice" has been at odds with many in the world of sports, he appears to be on the same page with NASCAR.

As reported by ABC News on May 21, Donald Trump welcomed driver Martin Truex Jr.

and his team to the White House after their victory at the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. While praising Truex Jr. and NASCAR, Trump threw shade at the NFL players by bringing up how race car drivers stand during the national anthem. "I will tell you one thing I know about NASCAR," Trump said, before adding, "They do indeed...stand for the playing of the national anthem, right?" "Somebody said 'maybe you shouldn't say that, it'll be controversial'" Trump pointed out, while noting, "NASCAR's not going to mind it at all."

Twitter erupts

Following his remarks about NASCAR, critics of the president wasted no time hitting back.

"As a NASCAR fan. Why does this need to be mentioned? All this will do is stir up controversy across all sports," one tweet read.

"Reminder: Trump doesn't care about you, MAGA folks.

If he cared, he'd be for higher wages and better benefits. Instead, he's conning you with attacking black football players and kissing the a** of NASCAR drivers. He's betting that you're too stupid to know what's up. Get smart," a Twitter user wrote. "They didn't always. Nor should they be forced to. Enough with your hate rhetoric," another tweet added.

"I love the poorly educated!!

I lie everyday and they still believe me," a social media user wrote with mockery. "It won't be long before he goes full Ricky Bobby and runs around the White House grounds in his depends," a follow-up tweet read.