Seattle Seahawks trade rumors have certainly turned the heads of fans. It was recently revealed by that the Dallas Cowboys extended a trade offer to the Seahawks on draft day. The proposal was for the Seahawks to send All-Pro safety Earl Thomas down to Texas in exchange for a third-round pick. The offer was easily declined, but it still raised a number of questions about what had just taken place.

Fans hearing about Seattle Seahawks trade rumors that include Earl Thomas isn’t exactly new. As the team started parting ways with veterans during the 2018 NFL offseason, including Richard Sherman getting released and Michael Bennett getting traded, Thomas started popping up in news reports as well.

It seemed like the front office was just waiting until the right offer came along in order to pull the trigger.

Why did Cowboys low-ball Seahawks for Thomas?

This may have been a really smart move by the Cowboys. By offering a mid-round pick for Thomas, the team showed that it was committing interest in him. At the same time, the brass in Dallas had to know that Seahawks general manager John Schneider was going to decline the trade offer. It meant that there was no real risk of adding salary that would have pushed the team over the cap for the 2018 NFL season. This also stirred the water up a bit, allowing the Cowboys to create a bit of drama that the Seahawks, a rival in the NFC, now have to deal with.

Now, Thomas also knows that the Cowboys have a real interest, which had been rumored when he expressed interest of his own about playing for the team later in his career. It definitely opens the door for the teams to continue discussing a possible transaction, but a more likely scenario is that Thomas is just going to remain with the Seahawks.

If the team looks really bad in the camps and preseason games, though, things could move quickly to get a high draft pick for Thomas.

What are the Seahawks trying to do now?

It was very clear during the 2018 NFL Draft that the Seattle Seahawks are going in a different direction. The team invested its first-round pick in running back Rashaad Penny, who had been projected to go much later in the draft by some experts.

Then the team worked on adding more defensive pieces and even moved up to draft a punter at one point. This appears to be yet another way to save some money in both the short- and long-term.

So what are the Seahawks trying to do? It appears that the front office is doing everything it can to try to rebuild around quarterback Russell Wilson. There are certainly some holes on the roster that the team hopes will get filled by recently drafted rookies, but there are a lot of question marks surrounding this team as the 2018 NFL season draws closer. It likely means more Seattle Seahawks trade rumors involving players like Earl Thomas, especially after the Dallas Cowboys confirmed that they have interest in acquiring him.