For the first time in 22 years, the U.S. Army West Point Black Knights football team was awarded the Commander-In-Chief trophy. After giving the award to the team, Donald Trump quickly came under fire across social media.

Trump on Army football

It was less than a year ago when Donald Trump campaigned during the Alabama special election and took his first shot against the National Football League.

Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters and ripped into the NFL players that protested during the playing of the national anthem, referring to them as a "son of b*tch" who needed to be fired. Since then, the majority of the NFL has pushed back against the president as the feud has escalated. Despite this, Trump has spoken highly of college football, and was even in attendance during the national championship game earlier this year.

At the White House on May 1, Donald Trump presented the Commander-In-Chief trophy to the Army West Point Black Knights football team after they defeated the Air Force and Navy teams.

Army football joined the president for the first time since 1996, as the president addressed the media with the team in the Rose Garden. "You came from behind and beat Navy for the second season in a row, the first time in over two decades," Trump said, telling the team they did "a job well done. On Twitter, Trump sent out a message saying, "Today I had the great honor of awarding the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, for the first time in 21 years, to the Army Football Black Knights at the White House.


During his speech, Donald Trump appeared to go off course, bragging about the increase in military spending that was recently passed through Congress. "We just got approved, $700 billion this year, $716 billion for next year and that's for you and the armed forces," Trump said. Continuing on, Trump even told the Army team that there could be a space branch of the military in the future.

"We're actually thinking of a 6th -- the Space Force. Does that make sense?.... We're getting very big in space," he said.

Twitter reacts

After tweeting about his time with the Army football team, Donald Trump was met with criticism on Twitter. "Too bad we have a horrible commander in chief," one tweet read.

"I’m sure it pained you to give an award to any person or entity that was called 'Black.' You still haven’t acknowledged the black man who was the hero in the Waffle House Shooting," Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted out.

"Now if only we could have a new Commander in Chief!" Ryan Hill tweeted. "Draft dodger who wouldn't defend his country in Vietnam is an idiot," yet another tweet added.

"Maybe it would be better if you tried to grow a brain instead of hair," a social media user wrote. "Are you literally claiming this was because of you? Holy sh*t die," a follow-up tweet read.