Seattle Seahawks NFL Draft Picks don't include a big name yet, but it does include an early trade. As the team was put on the clock for the No. 18 overall selection in the first round, a trade with the Green Bay Packers was announced. Who was just selected with the No. 18 overall selection? The Packers went with Louisville cornerback Jaire Alexander. This might be a player that the Seahawks' fans would have liked to select, as he loves playing on the big stage.

As for the details of the Seahawks trade, they dealt their first-round and seventh-round picks to the Packers in exchange for a later first-round pick, a third-round pick, and a sixth-round pick.

This increases the number of assets that the Seahawks have to work with this weekend. The full list of Seahawks draft picks is below in this article.

The Seahawks have a lot to do in order to put a competitive team on the field before the NFL regular season begins. The Seahawks ended up missing the 2018 NFL Playoffs but were too good to end up with a high selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. It puts the team in a difficult position while trying to rebuild, but a lot of fans have hopes that general manager John Schneider and Pete Carroll have a plan to get the team back to the postseason.

The Seahawks draft picks list

Barring any more trades, the Seattle Seahawks have nine total 2018 NFL draft picks this weekend.

They are all listed below. Having more picks is a good way to infuse a lot of young talent to the active roster this summer.

Round 1, No. 27 overall

Round 3, No. 76 overall

Round 4, No. 120 overall

Round 5, No. 141 overall

Round 5, No. 146 overall

Round 5, No. 156 overall

Round 5, No. 168 overall

Round 6, No. 186 overall

Round 7, No.

226 overall

Through a series of transactions, including trading Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles, this is what the draft pick list looks like for the Seahawks. The team has a lot of holes to fill, though, so there is added pressure for John Schneider to have a successful draft. Will the Seahawks focus mostly on defense?

Or with they go after some offensive weapons in order to make life a little easier for Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson?

So many Seahawks rumors

Coming into the 2018 NFL Draft, there were quite a few Seattle Seahawks rumors. Included among them was a big one, which involved the Seahawks trading their first-round pick to the New England Patriots. That’s not where things came to an end, though, as CBS Sports was reporting that the Seahawks were then ready to spin that pick to another team.

A deal with the Cleveland Browns was projected, which would send that new first-round selection and pick later in the draft for a second-round and third-round pick, was predicted. This would have given the Seattle Seahawks three selections on Day 2 of the draft. It didn’t end up happening, but it sure created a lot of buzz about what the team might be trying to do during the 2018 NFL Draft.