The picturesque setting, the bond of jockey and horse in a make or break stride aiming for the finish line and blending for horseracing magic make the Triple Crown well-worth watching. Add to the mix, the history, and the achievement, knowing Justify could very well take the Triple Crown on June 9.

The right to breed Justify went for $60 million. The deal was reportedly ironed-out before the Preakness Stakes, according to the New York Times. If Justify runs away with the Triple Crown, an additional $25 million is up-for-grabs as a bonus.

Justify runs like the wind on-track to the win of a lifetime

Witnessing a thoroughbred take to the gate – still at an even shot to win the race – makes the air thick with anticipation, waiting for the break of the gate. With the Triple Crown, there is wonderment. Justify has already proved he can run like the wind in rainy weather and on a sloppy track, but will he outpace all contenders that are just as hungry to prove themselves?

Neither man nor horse alone can win the challenge. It takes both working in tandem and understanding the mood, the momentum and giving it everything for the shared objective of not settling for second place.

The final stretch and the finish line will determine the winner. The world waits to see whether Justify will achieve what only 12 horses to date have accomplished by winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

The Triple Crown presents hope and heartbreak.

There will only be one winner in a sport that holds appeal for just about everyone. It is simple, yet refined. The goal is one anyone can grasp. Spectators gather at the track, around television screens, and, in contemporary times, close to computer monitors and hand-held devices.

People watch to assess the track, to see the jockeys take their mount, and to hear the gate breaking open.

Reminders of a horseracing past that can’t be denied or erased will take place, knowing that one horse on June 9 has the potential to do as so few have done. Millions of people hold to the belief that Justify will make his mark in history.

The Triple Crown is time-honored, heart-treasured, and the ultimate crowning achievement. The race will be the pinnacle of success if Justify delivers a win. Spectators will watch and will wait for Justify to enter the starting gate, measure his strides, and follow his colors, wondering if challengers can surpass him and deny him the win of a lifetime.

Triple Crown embodies a metaphor

The race for the Triple Crown embodies a metaphor for life – of its joys and its sorrows – within a horse that started like all others. The challenges he encounters en route to the finish line will determine if he emerges victoriously.

The Belmont Stakes is the best of life measured in 1.5 miles. Will Justify think back and will he take similar strides that carried him through the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes? Only one thing is guaranteed. Only that one horse will win the Belmont Stakes.

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