Just when his detractors thought those NBA rumors about LeBron James were about to heat up again, the Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar wrote a new chapter for his story. "King James" didn't necessarily have the supporting cast he needed, but still managed to keep his team close and ultimately propel them back to another NBA Finals. This will be their fourth-straight and LeBron's eighth in a row, which seems to have muted NBA rumors he might leave for the L.A. Lakers, Houston Rockets, or Philadelphia 76ers.

LeBron's huge Game 7

In Game 6, LeBron James scored 46 points to keep his Cavs alive in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Early on Sunday night, it appeared James was the only one capable of making a shot, as the Boston Celtics jumped out to a lead as large as 12 points. However, it's never smart to count out a team with James on it. For those who think it is, refer back to his earlier days when he led a less-equipped Cavs team to the NBA Finals. A young LeBron showed his stuff early on and continued to show it throughout his years in the league, including Game 7 of this new series.

Sunday night's performance wasn't as high-scoring as his Game 6 show, but it certainly added to James' legacy.

James nearly achieved a triple-double in a "must-win" game that saw Kevin Love sidelined due to the concussion protocol. With Love out, James grabbed 15 rebounds out of his team's 41. He also shot 12-for-24 from the field and finished with 35 points. His playmaking was also on display as he found teammates when necessary. It resulted in nine assists, which could have been a higher number if other Cavs were knocking down their shots.

Will LeBron leave Cleveland?

So it's now been written that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the NBA Finals with another chance at a championship. They'll wait to see if they play the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets. One of those teams, the Rockets, is among those regarded as a potential landing spot for James in free agency.

If Houston gets to the Finals and defeats the Cavs, could it sway LeBron?

The Los Angeles Lakers have also been mentioned. The main factor behind LeBron going there would be what sort of team Magic Johnson and the front office can provide him with. With rumors of Paul George also among L.A.'s targets, it could attract LeBron. The potential movie or TV roles, as well as endorsements, branding, and investment opportunities are also a lure.

The Philadelphia 76ers may have an outside shot. The top reason for a LeBron James "defection" to another Eastern Conference team would be their ability to win. It's clear they have a team that is already emerging as a threat in the East.

Their top pick barely played all season and they have another lottery pick this summer. Teaming LeBron up with Simmons and Embiid would surely make the 76ers easy favorites in the East, although Boston would still be right there.

The LeBron decision is on hold

For now, the Cleveland Cavaliers still have a goal in sight with LeBron James as the man driving them towards it. He has willed his team past the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the Eastern Conference. Now the NBA Finals and a fourth possible ring are in play.

In a recent ESPN report, Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert has echoed sentiments that free agency is the farthest thing from anyone's mind.

Gilbert said the focus is on the "now" and they would address James' free agency after the NBA Finals are over. Clearly, everyone wants to see what LeBron has left. Another title could mean big things for LeBron and give extra incentive for him to remain loyal to his squad.

In an interesting sidenote, James last became a free agent back in 2010 when he made his "decision" to leave Cleveland for Miami. At that time, the Boston Celtics were the team to beat in the East. Right now, with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward due back next season, that looks like the case again. LeBron's decision will be coming this summer, but first, let Bron and the team focus on that NBA Finals appearance.