We all know that the Cleveland Cavaliers, more importantly, King James, have come out of the Eastern Conference for years. However, I feel that is very likely to change with the Philadelphia 76ers and more so, the Boston Celtics. The Celtics have a chance to make it out of the East without two of their top stars tonight (May 27) against the Cavs.

Despite thinking this year would be different, it could be the Warriors versus the Cavaliers part four, but hopefully, it won't be as there two Game 7s to decide the victors for both conferences on the horizon.

What it points to is the truth that the Celtics are the beasts of the East for years in the making. They are a real monster in the making. I think they will be a top Eastern Conference team for years to come and a championship will surely be in the near future.

Sixers are not going anywhere

Behind the Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers look like a team to be reckoned with for years as well. The team was really able to turn it around this year after suffering lackluster seasons for a long time. They had an incredible season, led by Rookie of The Year nominee Ben Simmons and big man Joel Embiid.

The Eastern Conference standings will also rest on the shoulders of LeBron James as he has a big decision to make this summer.

He can choose to stay with the Cavaliers in the East and battle it out with the Sixers and Celtics or switch sides and go to a Western Conference team in the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, or L.A. Lakers. Not having LeBron in the East anymore would propel the Raptors, Celtics, and Sixers to ascend the ladder in the playoffs.

But it would be interesting if he completed the process and joined the Sixers because then they would be able to contend with the Celtics in the East.

Overcoming adversity

The Boston Celtics have always been an incredible franchise and the team chose to move on from Isaiah Thomas after coming up short in the playoffs but making an unbelievable run and playoff performances even with the death of his sister.

It showed the kind of heart he has for the game of basketball and for his team in general. The Celtics have overcome a lot of adversity throughout the entire season after losing Gordon Hayward in the first couple of minutes in the first game of the season. Then to add to the bad luck was losing Kyrie Irving due to a knee injury toward the end of the season and him not being able to play in the playoffs as a result. They also lost Marcus Smart for a while with a thumb injury that required surgery. Despite losing two big-name stars, the team has been able to make it to a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals and they could very well win tonight and send LeBron James home. It is scary to imagine how the Celtics would look if they were at full strength right now.

Young stars

One of the reasons that the Celtics have been able to get far in the East is because of the poise of their three young players in Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier, and Jaylen Brown. All three of them are not scared of the big moments and are not even frightened by LeBron James like the Toronto Raptors have shown to be for numerous playoff series.

According to statistics on NBA.com, Brown has been averaging 18 points per game in the playoffs and shooting 41 percent from the three-point line. Rozier is averaging 17 points per game in the postseason and dishing out close to six assists. Tatum is equally averaging 18 points. All three of these young players, with Brown being in his second year and Rozier in his third season, are not afraid of the moment, and Tatum equally has a calm demeanor.

All three also have the potential to be big-name stars for the future.

There is no question that Brad Stevens' brilliance as a head coach has propelled the team to get his far. Stevens is a very good head coach and he does a good job at recruiting as well being able to get Hayward, despite losing him for the season. It has to be seen whether the Celtics will make any moves in the offseason. They do not have a need to make any changes, as the roster looks really good heading into next season.

The team has also been able to play this well behind the great defense led by veterans Marcus Smart and Al Horford. They will need to tonight versus the Cavaliers. Even if they lose and do not make it to the Finals, the future is bright and they will be kings of the East.