The NBA Draft Lottery results were announced on Tuesday night, with the top-14 picks revealed. The Phoenix Suns will receive the top pick, while the Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks received the second and third selections, respectively.

Here are the best players that have been selected at each draft pick 1-14 since 2000.

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1. LeBron James (2003)

James has won four MVPs, three Finals MVPs, and made 14 All-Star teams in his first 15 seasons.

His teams have made the Finals seven straight years (streak in jeopardy of ending as Cleveland is down 0-2 to Boston).

Last year’s #1 selection: Markelle Fultz

Honorable mentions: Yao Ming (2002), Dwight Howard (2004), Derrick Rose (2008), Blake Griffin (2009), John Wall (2010), Kyrie Irving (2011), Anthony Davis (2012), Karl-Anthony Towns (2015), Ben Simmons (2016)

2. Kevin Durant (2006)

Durant won his first NBA Championship last season as he was named Finals MVP. He was named league MVP for 2013-14 and has won four scoring titles (career scoring average of 27.1).

Last year’s #2 selection: Lonzo Ball

Honorable mentions: Tyson Chandler (2001), Emeka Okafor (2004), LaMarcus Aldridge (2006), Victor Oladipo (2013)

3. James Harden (2009)

The likely MVP winner for this season, Harden won the scoring title after leading the league in assists the previous season of 2016-17.

A master at drawing fouls, he has averaged 10.1 free throw attempts over the last six seasons.

Last year’s #3 selection: Jayson Tatum

Honorable mentions: Pau Gasol (2001), Carmelo Anthony (2003), Deron Williams (2005), Al Horford (2007), Bradley Beal (2012), Otto Porter (2013), Joel Embiid (2014), Jaylen Brown (2016), Jayson Tatum (2017)

4. Chris Paul (2005)

Paul has been the league-leader in assists four times and steals on six occasions.

He has finished top-seven in MVP voting seven times and already ranks ninth all-time in career assists and 12th in steals.

Last year’s #4 selection: Josh Jackson

Honorable mentions: Chris Bosh (2003), Mike Conley (2007), Russell Westbrook (2008), Kristaps Porzingis (2015)

5. Dwyane Wade (2003)

Wade is a three-time NBA Champion (Finals MVP in 2006), 12-time All-Star, and one-time scoring champ.

His 847 career blocks sit only behind Michael Jordan’s 893 for most by a guard.

Last year’s #5 selection: DeAaron Fox

Honorable mentions: Mike Miller (2000), Jason Richardson (2001), Devin Harris (2004), Raymond Felton (2005), Kevin Love (2008), Ricky Rubio (2009), DeMarcus Cousins (2010)

6. Damian Lillard (2012)

Lillard, the 2012-13 Rookie of the Year, has averaged at least 25.1 points each of the last three seasons and has put up at least 5.6 assists per game in all six of his years.

Last year’s #6 selection: Jonathan Isaac

Honorable mentions: Shane Battier (2001), Chris Kaman (2003), Brandon Roy (2006), Danilo Gallinari (2008), Marcus Smart (2014)

7. Stephen Curry (2009)

Curry is a former back-to-back MVP winner and has won two NBA titles.

He already ranks seventh all-time in threes made and set the NBA record with 402 made in 2015-16.

Last year’s #7 selection: Lauri Markkanen

Honorable mentions: Nene Hilario (2002), Kirk Hinrich (2003), Luol Deng (2004), Eric Gordon (2008), Greg Monroe (2010), Harrison Barnes (2012), Julius Randle (2014)

8. Jamal Crawford (2000)

Having completed his 18th season, Crawford is a three-time winner of the Sixth Man of the Year. He is fifth all-time with 2,153 three-pointers and 57th with 18,906 career points.

Last year’s #8 selection: Frank Ntilikina

Honorable mentions: T.J. Ford (2003), Rudy Gay (2006)

9. Amar’e Stoudemire (2002)

Stoudemire won Rookie of the Year after his opening season and went on to be named an All-Star six times.

He finished top-ten in MVP voting four times.

Last year’s #9 selection: Dennis Smith Jr.

Honorable mentions: Andre Iguodala (2004), Joakim Noah (2007), DeMar DeRozan (2009), Gordon Hayward (2010), Kemba Walker (2011), Andre Drummond (2012)

10. Paul George (2010)

George has averaged at least 20 points in each of his last four full seasons (played in just six games in 2014-15) and is also seen as one of the standout wing defenders in the league.

Last year’s #10 selection: Zach Collins

Honorable mentions: Joe Johnson (2001), Caron Butler (2002), Andrew Bynum (2005), Brook Lopez (2008), C.J. McCollum (2013)

11. Klay Thompson (2011)

Thompson has won two NBA titles and has made at least 200 three-pointers in each of the last six seasons.

He has been named an All-Star the last four years.

Last year’s #11 selection: Malik Monk

Honorable mentions: J.J. Redick (2006), Myles Turner (2015)

12. Thaddeus Young (2007)

Young has career averages of 13.4 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.5 steals while nearly shooting 50 percent from the field (49.9 career) over his first 11 seasons.

Last year’s #12 selection: Luke Kennard

Honorable mentions: Steven Adams (2013), Dario Saric (2014)

13. Richard Jefferson (2001)

The longevity of Jefferson gives him the advantage (for now) over Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell. The 17-year veteran won a championship with the Cavaliers and twice averaged more than 22 points a game.

Last year’s #13 selection: Donovan Mitchell

Honorable mentions: Markieff Morris (2011), Zach LaVine (2014), Devin Booker (2015), Donovan Mitchell (2017)

14. Marcus Morris (2011)

Morris has averaged 13.9 points over the last three seasons and is one of the key pieces for a Boston team that currently has a 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Last year’s #14 selection: Bam Adebayo

Honorable mentions: Troy Murphy (2001), Patrick Patterson (2010), John Henson (2012), T.J. Warren (2014)