The 2018 NBA Draft Lottery is scheduled for Tuesday (May 15). The top prospects like DeAndre Ayton, Michael Porter Jr., and Trae Young are expected to be there, earning the privilege of knowing the lottery’s results from the glitzy front-row seats of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

As for LiAngelo Ball, unfortunately, he won’t be there. He didn’t get an invitation, as expected. Oh, he also didn’t get an invite for the 2018 NBA Draft Combine, an event where scouts and NBA executives are given the chance to have a closer look at the NBA draft hopefuls.

It would have been huge for an under-the-radar talent like Ball to prove doubters wrong, but the NBA probably viewed him as not good enough to get that access.

But what LaVar Ball keeps on saying over and over again, is that big ballers don’t quit. LiAngelo isn’t losing hope of joining his older brother, Lonzo, in the big league. LaVar is still sticking with his bold claim that his three sons, including his youngest son, LaMelo, will soon be playing for the purple-and-gold organization by hook or by crook.

LiAngelo’s NBA draft preparations

Despite the NBA Draft Combine snub, LiAngelo will still get an opportunity to show off his overall skills in the Professional Basketball Combine at the IMG Academy in May.

It’s basically a secondary combine, where draft hopefuls go through the same set of workouts, measurements, team scrimmages, and interviews they run in the NBA Draft Combine.

Last year, 16 NBA teams sent representatives to the event and all 24 prospects that participated signed professional contracts.

For LiAngelo Ball, the combine at IMG Academy is more than just a platform to show his improvement after playing four months of professional basketball in Lithuania. He also thinks scouts and executives will finally know the real LiAngelo Ball outside his BBB persona during the one-on-one interviews.

“A lot of the scouts haven’t been able to see me in person, so I feel like going to the Professional Basketball Combine will allow them to see how I’m built, see how I look and talk to me.

I think this is a good chance for them to get to really know me,” LiAngelo told

Hyping up the prospect

At this age of social media, an NBA draft hopeful just can’t go through the pre-draft process without an accompanying hype video. Ayton, Luka Doncic, Miles Bridges, and other top prospects all have their own hype video, which is basically a three- to five-minute highlight reel of high-flying dunks, nifty dishes, and clutch baskets all for the purpose of creating more buzz around them heading into the NBA draft. It probably won't help them improve their draft stock in the eyes of scouts, but it will certainly draw more followings to their fanbase.

LaVar and BBB very much know the power of social media, so they created their own hype video/mixtape of LiAngelo.

It’s a shorter and grainier version compared to other well-crafted mixtapes out there, but hey it conveys the same message: He’s good.

The odds of LiAngelo having his name called at the draft are relatively low, perhaps zero. However, if there’s one NBA team willing to take the plunge and endure the scrutiny of NBA fans, then that would be the Lakers. Magic Johnson won’t use the Cavs’ first-round pick for LiAngelo, but the Lakers also have the 40th and 47th overall picks.

It’s a long-shot scenario, yet it’s something Lakers fans should watch out for.

Lonzo Ball’s family has become so entrenched with the organization that welcoming another Ball to the Lakers might not be far off from reality. And if this statement isn’t anything believable, then just do a breakdown of the Instagram picture above to know that there’s something going on with the Balls and team owner Jeanie Buss.