While WWE has a batch of pay-per-views on the way, fans may already be looking ahead to next year's "Wrestlemania 35." Each year, there is one epic match expected to headline the "showcase of the immortals" and fans are hoping for that epic match on the "Mania" stage. With recent betting odds republished by the Kambi oddsmakers, fans now have a shot to predict who might headline "WrestleMania 34" in the Main Event match. Will that match feature Roman Reigns once again, or a new set of competitors?

Bryan & Undertaker?

While this particular matchup isn't listed, both of these superstars are listed within matches as the top four options.

Two different Daniel Bryan matches are shown. One of those would pit Bryan against Shinsuke Nakamura in a potential dream match for fans. At this past month's "WrestleMania 34," fans thought they would get a dream match with AJ Styles and Nakamura, but it failed to live up to the hype that had been built into it. However, a Daniel Bryan main event with Nakamura might produce a better quality match.

The other Daniel Bryan option would feature Roman Reigns in the main event once again. While these two have shared the ring together before during Reigns' earlier days with The Shield, they really haven't had a one-on-one program. Fans might get upset seeing them go at it for the main event, though, and Vince McMahon may prefer to not have Reigns booed so much unless he's turning Reigns heel.

The fourth-best odds go to "Any Undertaker match" as the choice with 4 to 1 odds. That could mean a better quality match against John Cena, in what could be Taker's final match before he really does retire from the wrestling ring. It could also be Undertaker getting redemption against Roman Reigns to go out on a win, or taking a loss against Daniel Bryan.

Women's main event?

The top option overall at 1 to 2 odds is a women's main event for "WrestleMania 35." This has been mentioned in WWE rumors for some time since this year's "Mania" concluded. That main event match would feature Charlotte Flair taking on Ronda Rousey in a match for the ages. It would also be historic as it would be the first "WrestleMania" to feature a women's main event match.

Charlotte is already considered one of, if not the top talent on the women's roster. Ronda Rousey showed great potential to put on an entertaining match at "WrestleMania 34." Having these two in a battle of two of the top women in sports entertainment seems like a no-brainer.

With that said, there is also an Asuka vs. Rousey option several slots lower at 4 to 1, followed by Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar, also at 4 to 1 odds. Other individuals featured on the potential main event options include Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, Stephanie McMahon, and AJ Styles.