With this coming Friday's "Greatest Royal Rumble 2018" event, wwe rumors are already surfacing about who will win the Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar Steel Cage Match. The latest bout will be the second time this month that Reigns attempts to defeat Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. At the "WrestleMania 34" event, WWE fans watched as Reigns was unable to win after being bloodied by "The Beast." With speculation that this could finally be Reigns' time to shine, it seems at least one analyst is saying not so fast.

Latest speculation

Ringside News reported that Wrestling Observer Live's Bryan Alvarez dropped his thoughts on why Roman Reigns will fail to win the big match this week for the Universal title.

He suggested that the day and time the event is being held seem to give strong evidence that WWE won't have a major title change taking place. The U.S. fans will be watching the event during the midday time slot on the WWE Network, as the "Greatest Royal Rumble" is set to start at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

Alvarez contends that people will be at work and in school during that time slot. Therefore it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to have Roman Reigns finally get the huge victory that he has been fighting for over the past several years. Alvarez also added a potential spoiler for how Brock Lesnar will win. He suggested that Roman Reigns' opponent for the 'Backlash' pay-per-view will interfere in some manner to screw Reigns out of the win.

Brock taking over record?

If Brock Lesnar retains the title it puts him on that path to eventually eclipse former WWE star CM Punk as the longest-reigning major champion in modern-day professional wrestling. Punk had a title reign that lasted for 434 days as it spanned November 20, 2011, all the way until January 27, 2013. It was at that point that Punk finally lost the title to The Rock at the "Royal Rumble 2013."

As of this report, Brock Lesnar is at 386 days and counting as WWE Universal Champion.

He won the belt at "WrestleMania 33" last year by defeating Goldberg and has successfully defended it through the latest installment of the big pay-per-view. That included a number of matches in which he had the odds stacked against him with multiple opponents in the match such as a Triple Threat at the "Royal Rumble" back in January.

There are also WWE rumors that it won't even be Roman Reigns that finally defeats him either. With the arrival of Bobby Lashley, some fans are speculating that the former MMA star and TNA champion will take the title off Brock at "SummerSlam 2018."