This past week, WWE rumors arrived with regard to WWE superstar Rusev and the fact he was removed from a huge match booked against The Undertaker. Speculation started swirling that the man responsible for "Rusev Day" in the WWE was either fired or quit the company. However, a new update indicates that isn't the case. After he had been originally announced as Taker's opponent for a Casket Match at the WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble" event in Saudi Arabia, several things happened afterward. That included Rusev tweeting out to "bury me softly" as a response to the match.

A TMZ interview video arrived online which involved Rusev and Lana. In the clip, they made it seem like the couple was bashing Undertaker as "past his prime." That drew a tweet reply from The Undertaker's wife, Michelle McCool.

'Rusev Day'

There was also a tweet from Rusev suggesting "Rusev Day" would have to happen somewhere else in the future. Then there was his removal of WWE references on social media, all of which happened after it was reported that Chris Jericho would take his spot in the match against The Undertaker. All of the fast-moving news led fans and some wrestling news sites to WWE rumors that Rusev was asking to be released. However, a recent report via Ringside News states that Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live is saying this was all a work and not being done because Rusev was unhappy with the WWE or his relationship with the company.

Alvarez added that all the social media stuff was to build up the match for Saudi Arabia by getting people talking. It clearly did just that.

Royal Rumble history

Alvarez also mentioned that the WWE rumors of Rusev quitting or leaving the company are off base and that he will still be a part of the WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble 2018" event in a few weeks.

It's expected that he will be a participant in the 50-man match, hailed as the biggest Royal Rumble in the history of the WWE. Some fans are speculating that Rusev is so over with the fans right now with the "Rusev Day" chants, that it may have made The Undertaker seem like a heel in the Casket Match against him. Jericho was a face last time he was with the company and has been over with the fans before.

It's possible that WWE didn't want to ruin the momentum that "Rusev Day" has built up. So, for now, it seems fans can brush off those WWE rumors and still celebrate "Rusev Day," even in Saudi Arabia. The WWE's "Greatest Royal Rumble 2018" will take place on Friday, April 27 and as far as it seems, Rusev will participate.