The WWE rumors involving the John Cena and Nikki Bella breakup story brought all sorts of speculation, including a false report that indicated Nikki's sister wanted to "kill" John. Brie Bella, who is also a star of the various reality television programs with Nikki, recently took to her social media to give some comments about the situation. While she didn't provide a huge statement, her Instagram Story comments were enough to show she doesn't feel animosity towards Cena and feels upset over the whole situation.

Brie Bella's comments

A report from PEOPLE on Wednesday (April 18) indicated that Brie Bella posted to her Instagram Story with a comment saying she would "always love" John Cena "like a brother." Brie said Cena's always going to be like family to her.

She added that her "heart is hurting" over the whole situation that has unfolded. The Instagram Story is a daily update feature on the social media app and website which doesn't remain permanently for viewers. However, the news of the comments made by Brie Bella quickly hit the internet. Along with those actual comments from Brie was a previous report from PEOPLE in which a source said: "on one level Brie wants to kill [John]." Brie would later come out and indicate she would never say that sort of thing with regards to Cena. It seems the real Brie Bella has spoken in support of both Cena and her sister. A video has also surfaced online from E! News discussing Brie's latest comments.

As reality television viewers know, E!

is the channel on which both "Total Divas" and "Total Bellas" has been running for several seasons now. Brie Bella is a major cast member of both shows along with her sister Nikki. In addition, both of the Bella Twins' significant others are featured. Brie is happily married to WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.

Breakup rumors

While it seems Brie Bella has cleared up the WWE rumors surrounding her saying she wanted to kill Cena, there are still rumors going around as to why this breakup occurred.

The main speculation seems to be that John Cena simply got cold feet when it came to actually going through with the wedding. He and Nikki Bella were set to tie the knot early next month. It would be the culmination of a year-long buildup which began after he proposed to Nikki at last year's "WrestleMania 33" event. However, the couple broke up with about three weeks remaining until their planned ceremony.

Now it seems that John Cena and Nikki Bella will continue to focus on their own personal brands and other ventures. Both of these WWE superstars have been successful in the ring, but are looking to build their own empires outside of the ring. Cena is starring in the new comedy movie "Blockers" and has other projects on the way. Nikki Bella is working with Brie to promote their line of lingerie which is seen prominently displayed on their Instagram and other social media accounts. There are sure to be more WWE rumors suggesting potential reasons for the John Cena and Nikki Bella breakup. For now, it seems all of the individuals closest to the relationship will have to do damage control here or there because of how vicious celebrity gossip can be.