The latest WWE "Raw" rumors and spoilers suggest that a superstar who has been recovering from injury for months could be back on Monday Night. Fans recently saw the "Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe make his return to "Raw" and also Jeff Hardy make a surprise return to the ring. However, there is another superstar who has been getting closer to a return. That star was looking like he was about to embark on a decent singles run as a heel until his unfortunate injury occurred. Fans may see him return on Monday night during the "Superstar Shake-up."

Backstage sighting

The PWInsider website reported earlier today that injured superstar Big Cass is backstage for the latest episode of "Monday Night Raw" in Hartford, Connecticut.

Cass, real name Colin Cassady, was medically cleared to return to the ring several weeks ago. It was reported that he was backstage over the past few weeks, but he's yet to make an appearance. This could be due to the fact that WWE had several superstars show up just on last week's "Raw" after "WrestleMania 34."

These superstars included the returns of Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe from injury as well as the return of former WWE star Bobby Lashley to "Raw." In addition, there were two "NXT" call-ups as fans saw former women's champion Ember Moon and former NXT Tag Team Champions Authors of Pain all debut on the main roster.

All of those major appearances may have given the WWE reason to avoid bringing yet another star back in what could have been a crowded show already.

That could also mean they have a major storyline planned for Big Cass or he's shifting to a different roster.

Plan for Cass?

It's unknown what the plan for Cass was before his injury so that makes his return interesting. It appeared as if his feud with former WWE star and tag partner Enzo Amore was coming to a close, but Cass suffered the serious leg injury that sidelined him for months.

Fans may have seen him involved in something like the Elimination Chamber match before "WrestleMania" or in a completely different storyline.

There were also reports that WWE had filed for trademarks for the name Colin Cassady so they may be changing his name from Big Cass. This could give him a completely different persona for his return.

If Roman Reigns wins the WWE Universal Championship in a few weeks, one has to wonder if Cassady will become part of that title picture as a future contender. He could also end up feuding with Braun Strowman since he's the only other big man that Strowman hasn't tangled with.

The latest episode of WWE "Raw" will also feature the anticipated "Superstar Shake-up" where superstars will be moved from "Raw" to "SmackDown Live" or vice-versa. Whether or not Cass will remain as part of the "Raw" roster remains to be seen but based on these WWE rumors, it seems as if he'll be back on television soon.