The Washington Redskins have been stuck in a state of perpetual mediocrity under Dan Snyder’s ownership, and the Baltimore Ravens have proven to be a well-run, always relevant NFL team. They both play in Maryland, and, in recent years, the Baltimore Ravens organization has made marketing moves to lure Washington fans, particularly Maryland residents, away from the Redskins. The move has created what is known as the “beltway rivalry,” a reference to the major roadway in the Washington DC region. The Raven’s latest move at backup quarterback may have just ramped up those efforts.

From hero to zero in Washington

After the much-debated mortgaging of Redskins' draft picks to trade up to the number 2 spot in the 2012 NFL draft to acquire Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin Iii, the expectations heading into the season were high. Head Coach Mike Shanahan and his offensive coordinator son Kyle, schemed the perfect offensive framework to match Griffin’s skills.

The season saw Griffin light the league on fire and bring the team to relevance when he was dubbed Offensive Rookie of the Year.

By playoff time, however, the season took a negative turn for Griffin, ending in a disastrous knee injury and endless finger-pointing between ownership, coaching staff, and player. It all came crashing down after the season when the coaching staff and Griffin were ultimately gone, replaced by Kirk Cousins, who had been taken by the Redskins in the same draft with Griffin.

RG3 returns, just north of Washington

Although the Robert Griffin III era was short-lived and ended in failure for all involved with the Washington team, Griffin maintains many Redskins fans loyalty and appreciation. DC sports talk radio airwaves are still filled, to this day, with callers lamenting Griffin’s treatment in DC, and callers maintain that he should have been given more time to progress with the Redskins.

That’s why, when the Baltimore Raven’s announced that they were signing Griffin as their backup quarterback, the news was as big in Washington as it was in Baltimore.

Even if he doesn’t play in Baltimore, Robert Griffin III is still back in the NFL and with an area team. Of course, this ensures endless coverage of and discussion about the Ravens' upcoming season, not only in Baltimore but in Washington as well.

Will more Redskins fans that are also RG3 fans jump ship to the Ravens bandwagon?

Time and the Redskins' performance this season will tell.