Robert Griffin Iii has a job. That's more than what can be said for another infamous quarterback on the NFL free agency market.

The Baltimore Ravens signed the veteran quarterback from the scrap heap on Wednesday morning. He should slide in as the backup behind Joe Flacco for the 2018 season. Its been some time since Griffin has taken the field, so the move is a definitive risk for the team. It shouldn't impact their plans for the rest of the offseason, though.

Ravens rake free agent QB

The deal was announced on Wednesday morning. The terms of the contract weren't immediately clear, but the contract is only for one year.

During a press conference, coach John Harbaugh referred to Griffin as a "steal." Considering he's been out of football for over a year, that's a little bit challenging to believe. Give the Ravens credit for making what can be considered a bold move, though, and buying into it completely.

Prior to this signing, the Ravens didn't have a viable backup to Flacco on the roster. Ryan Mallett is an unrestricted free agent. Josh Woodrum, meanwhile, has never thrown a regular season pass. Griffin at least has some play under his belt, and once upon a time, some good play.

Still, Griffin is a short-term solution, if that. With Flacco getting older and his play starting to drop off, the Ravens would be wise to look for their next quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft.

They aren't in the market for one of the five or six guys who will go in the first round. They could find themselves targeting someone like Mason Rudolph or Luke Falk on Day 2, though.

Griffin back in the game

The former Baylor Bears quarterback entered the NFL in 2012 with a ton of promise. The Washington Redskins made him the second overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Griffin proved his worth immediately, earning Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and making the Pro Bowl in his first season.

Things quickly moved in the other direction for him, though. He entered the 2013 season with some controversy due to the rehabilitation from season-ending knee injuries in his rookie year. He suffered another injury in 2014, then lost the starting job to Colt McCoy.

Griffin lost the job for good to Kirk Cousins the following year.

A year with the Ravens' AFC North foe, the Cleveland Browns, didn't go much better. He spent the past year out of football.

Griffin doesn't need to recapture his rookie form to make the signing worth Baltimore's while. He just needs to be a serviceable arm behind Flacco.