The NFL draft is quickly approaching and teams are finalizing their boards as they identify areas in need of improvement. While the main focus is finding the right college players that will continue to have success in the NFL, teams are also watching multiple trade situations to see if their picks may be better used to acquire an established veteran.

There are several big-name quarterbacks at the top of everyone's draft board, and teams have already been jockeying for position to get their guy. The New York Jets traded up from the 6th to the 3rd selection so they don't get left out in the cold on the quarterback scramble that will dominate the first round.

Drafting a player can be risky though. It doesn't matter where you draft a guy, if he can play he'll play and if he cannot, he'll be gone. Whether it's Ryan Leaf taken as 2nd overall or Tom Brady taken in the 6th round, none of it matter once the players take the field. Only results matter.

With that said, many teams are gauging whether or not their draft capital may be better used to trade for a veteran who can step right in and help a team. There are a few big names that could be on the move leading up to the draft for that very reason.

Rob Gronkowski

The rumors keep getting louder that Rob Gronkowski has had it with the "Patriot Way." Head coach Bill Belichick is known for jettisoning players once they appear to be anything but all in for the team.

Gronkowski's recent retirement contemplation and his intriguing Instagram comments are painting a picture that he may want out in New England. If that is the case, Belichick will be exploring every avenue to get a return on his star tight end.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Another disgruntled star player, Odell Beckham Jr. has publicly stated that he will not take the field until he gets a contract extension.

The lukewarm reception from Giants management says that they aren't sold on giving Beckham the massive contract he is asking for after a sub-par 2017 season.

Beckham's off-field antics have turned a lot of people in New York against him as well. All of this adds up to the perfect storm for a team like the Los Angeles Rams, or another team with a lot of cap space, to swoop in and make an offer the Giants can't refuse.

For a rebuilding team, the idea that they could get two first round picks, and maybe more, for Beckham is too good to pass up.

Dez Bryant

The worries about Dez Bryant when he entered the league was that off-field distractions would derail his career. However, since joining the Dallas Cowboys, Bryant has been a near model citizen off the field, and one of the best wide receivers in the game on the field.

Injuries have hampered Bryant though as he has not topped 1,000 yards or 10 TD's for 3 straight seasons now. With Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot looking at big-time contract extensions as they near the end of their rookie deals, Bryant's contract is becoming an issue in Dallas.

There was some talk of cutting Bryant, but the team isn't going to give up on him that easily. For the right price, a receiver-needy team could pry Bryant away.