When you are the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, you are always going to be under the microscope. In today’s world, with social media, cell phones and gossip television hosts seemingly on every corner, that microscope is 1000 times stronger than ever. So should Cowboys fans be concerned about a video showing quarterback Dak Prescott apparently partying a bit too excessively? It's all a matter opinion, and boy, people have them!

A lot about nothing?

According to Cowboyswire.com, a video has emerged that at the very least will have Cowboys fans and likely the entire NFL chiming in.

A tweet from Sports Gossip on April 2nd reading “Dak Prescott Spotted at the Club with a Blunt in his Hand?” has had fans wondering a bit about the Cowboys signal-caller.

Now, in defense of Prescott, Cowboys Wire did acknowledge that the date of the video is unknown, and there is certainly nothing wrong with an adult heading out and letting loose every once in a while. However, when you are the head man in charge of America’s Team, this type of spotlight comes with the territory.

The video reportedly took place in a Miami nightclub, with Prescott enjoying a drink and what appears to be some sort of pre-rolled cigar with his friends.

So is this harmless fun or something the Cowboys organization should be concerned with?

Jason Garrett on Dak

While fans are giving their opinions on the Dak Prescott video, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett has expressed his opinion on Prescott’s play for the upcoming season. According to Sunday’s Down South via ESPN, Garrett expressed how much he likes Prescott and how the sky is the limit for the young quarterback.

However, he expects a lot more from Dak and the offense in 2018.

“He’s done a lot of good things, but he knows, we know, everybody knows he’s got to get better,” Garrett said. "All the things that every quarterback in this league is working on, he has to continue to refine those."

Garrett specifically went on to mention that Prescott needs to work on his footwork, delivery and getting the ball out quicker if he is going to be more effective this season.

The Cowboys have already made an effort to bolster Dallas' offense this offseason by adding Allen Hurns, who is a big-play receiver. The former Jacksonville Jaguar should add another threat for the deep ball in Dallas in 2018. Added to that, the Cowboys should be eyeing offense in the upcoming draft and Dak should have a few more weapons to work with this fall.

And in the "oh, by the way" category, having running back Ezekiel Elliott for a full sixteen-game schedule will certainly help the cause.