After an up and down rookie season, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball will look to continue to improve after showing flashes of his basketball brilliance. He was sidelined by injuries throughout his first NBA season but also displayed playmaking abilities and even the ability to lead his team to victory. Based on his body of work so far, one of the people who was among the highest up in the Cleveland Cavaliers' organization believes Ball is ready to become a star in the future. Lonzo's teammate in L.A. also has given his thoughts on how Ball will improve.

Cavaliers' GM praises Ball

In a recent Lakers Nation report, they indicate that former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin is high on Lonzo Ball's talents heading into the future. Griffin, who spoke to Bleacher Report about the Lakers' young players, said that Lonzo will "end up being a very good player" in the NBA. The comments have been echoed by others who recognize what Ball brings to the table, or court, rather.

Before he was selected at No. 2 overall, the comparisons were already being made. Ball wasn't necessarily called the next magic johnson or LeBron James, but instead, it was suggested he had a similar game to Jason Kidd. So far, there have been some obvious differences, with Ball's shot at the top of the list.

It's not the prettiest of jumpshots, but he's still got time to improve on that.

Early in the NBA season, Lonzo Ball gave a glimpse of what may be on the way in future seasons. Against the Phoenix Suns, he nearly achieved his first-ever triple double. The rookie out of UCLA had 29 points to go with 11 assists and nine rebounds in the Lakers' first win of the season.

Kyle Kuzma's thoughts on Ball

One of the players who also played well in his rookie season was Kyle Kuzma, who gave skeptics of this Lakers squad some reason to stop doubting their potential for the future. Kuzma was an early scoring force for the team but eventually took a backseat to the other options. However, Kuzma is linked to Ball in terms of starting their careers as rookies on the L.A.

roster and each at least getting to start in games.

As mentioned in a USA Today piece, Kuzma gave his thoughts on how Lonzo Ball will improve heading into the next NBA campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kuzma, who tied for the team scoring average per game this past season, suggested that a lot will fall on his sophomore teammate's shoulders. That's understandable as Ball was pegged to be the future of the franchise and is the team's star playmaker going forward.

He said Ball will need to "attack his mentality" the most to thrive, whether a superstar joins their team or not. Kuzma will probably be working on the same aspect, as their boss Magic Johnson recently said both players will skip the NBA Summer League in Vegas in favor of improving their basketball skills.

Most likely, the L.A. Lakers' success will rest on the shoulders of both players as they move forward in future seasons, but it seems that both Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma have the skills to thrive in the NBA for years to come.