Almost one week following his release from the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant remains a free agent. The talented wide receiver has been linked to several teams around the NFL, including the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens. He himself admitted that he would like to stay in the NFC East, presumably so he can face the Cowboys twice a season.

But what NFL teams could actually use Bryant most? Here are five teams who should consider adding him to their receiving ranks.

1. Green Bay Packers

This offseason, the team let franchise stalwart Jordy Nelson walk away to the Oakland Raiders.

Randall Cobb is still around - and tight end Jimmy Graham is a major threat - but the Packers still feel one receiver away from giving Aaron Rodgers a shot at another NFL title. The team has been more active in free agency this spring, so signing Bryant shouldn't be out of the question.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle seems to be regressing more toward the mean, jettisoning some of their top-level defensive talents this offseason. But they also lost major offensive pieces in Graham and wide receiver Paul Richardson. Seattle's receiving corps has been beleaguered for years, led by the likes of Doug Baldwin. Even though Bryant's play is wavering, he could still be the first true No. 1 receiver of Russell Wilson's career.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville made a surprising run to the AFC Championship Game last season, prompting the team to retain quarterback Blake Bortles. Some of his top targets are gone, though, including Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. Bryant would immediately slot in as the top receiver on a team that has higher aspirations than the rest of the NFL seems to realize.

4. Oakland Raiders

Michael Crabtree may have had his problem with drops, but Jordy Nelson isn't really an improvement at this stage of his career. Amari Cooper has also taken a step back after showing much promise during his rookie season. Bryant could be a good tutor to Cooper if he can keep his own head on a swivel.

5. New England Patriots

Nobody outside of Boston really wants this, but that wasn't the question. New England ditched both Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks this offseason, while Rob Gronkowski's commitment to the game remains an open question. Presuming a healthy Julian Edelman, Bryant could slide into a No. 2 role in New England, where he'll get to receive passes from Tom Brady in the twilight of his NFL career.