The 2018 Nba Free Agency class is one of the best ever. Not only do you have a ton of key role players on this list, but several franchise superstars as well - and right at the top is Cleveland's LeBron James. Will he stay or will he go? LeBron James spurned the city of Cleveland and all his diehard fans once before, could he possibly do it again? According to Bleacher Report, James has made it clear that he doesn't like to discuss his free agency issues, and he won’t. The main focus is this season, right here and right now. While that all sounds fine and dandy, fans in Cleveland know that if James leaves, the lean years will creep up in a hurry once again.

James Tour 2018

Get ready NBA fans, because like it or not, 2018 is going to be known as “The Summer of LeBron.” Even if James does decide to stay in his home state of Ohio for the rest of his career, he is surely going to make the fans wait for his decision. Almost half of the league is interested in signing the 14-time All-Star, and who can blame them! The Los Angeles Lakers seem to have the strongest chance of signing James, that is if you believe all of the hype that the gossip mill has generated. The Lakers have to be a very intriguing thought for James. Hollywood, the bright lights, and the celebrity lifestyle. Not to mention the most important issue: The Lakers may have the cap space to bring in both James and Paul George to complement Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma.

James is also rumored to be drawing serious interest from young and upcoming teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets. With all the hoopla that James will bring during free-agency, will the Cavs be the odd team out? How can the Cavaliers hold on to their franchise piece this offseason? It won't be easy, but one way is to guarantee James that they are committed to building a stronger team this summer.

One player doesn't make a team, right? Well with James that may not apply. He has been called the best player in the league, but also the most arrogant. It seems that James' reputation for controlling a front office and almost demanding change can be a problem at times. Nevertheless, the Cavs will have to commit to building a new big three if Cleveland wants to be in the James sweepstakes.

Vegas chimes in

Sports prop bets are getting more and more popular, and just like the NFL prop wagers for the Super Bowl, there is one out there for LeBron James. “Who is favored to sign LeBron this summer?” The answer to that question should make Cavs fans happy. The early favorite to obtain James’ services in 2018 are the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to an Oddsshark report, the Cavaliers along with the Houston Rockets are the favorites to sign James at +250. Right behind those co-leaders are the Los Angeles Lakers +400, Philadelphia 76ers +500, and Golden State Warriors +1000. Other teams on the list include the Detroit Pistons +1200, Milwaukee Bucks +1200, New York Knicks +1600, San Antonio Spurs +2000, and Minnesota Timberwolves +2500.