With Thursday night's 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns were a team providing plenty of intrigue heading into the top of the order. The struggling franchise held the first overall and fourth overall picks, prompting all sorts of NFL rumors, including the possibility of a trade. However, the Cleveland Browns opted to stick with what they had in the order, adding what they hope will be a franchise quarterback and a cornerback to help improve their chances. Here's the latest update on the Cleveland Browns' NFL Draft Picks for 2018.

Baker Mayfield is first

For days leading up to the first pick, the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback had been rumored as the potential player that Cleveland would select. That speculation turned out to be true, as Cleveland added the potential franchise QB to their roster. As Rich Eisen and the rest of the NFL Draft commentary team mentioned, the announcement blew the roof off the building where the draft was being held.

By adding Baker Mayfield, Cleveland is hoping they are adding the top available quarterback of this NFL Draft. Its been mentioned how they missed out on drafting star QB Carson Wentz, who ended up on the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are some fans who felt that maybe the Browns should have picked running back Saquon Barkley first and waited until the No. 4 pick to add a quarterback. However, they got the QB they wanted most and now fans are hoping he leads them to wins.

Denzel Ward at No. 4

So did the Browns keep or trade away that fourth pick? They would hold onto it and add a major boost.

Denzel Ward is considered a starter right off the bat and the best available cornerback in the NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns were able to address a glaring need by adding him to the roster with the fourth overall pick in the selection order.

There had been speculation that the Cleveland Browns were listening to potential trade offers for the No.

4 pick. However, it appeared that the team had a clear plan heading into this draft to make sure they grabbed two talented players to address roster needs.

Cleveland Browns fans are hoping that these NFL Draft results will help the team start to turn things around. Based on what Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward are coming into, it seems like they have nowhere to go but up. Last season saw the Browns finish at a disappointing 0-16. With no wins to speak of, Baker Mayfield is in one of those types of situations where, should he be able to start early, he could be credited with ending their dismal losing streak.