In recent months, WWE saw a number of wrestlers suffer injuries. Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, and Samoa Joe are just a few of the stars, who’ve been out recovering from injury. But reports suggest these three men are cleared and set to make their return to Wrestlemania. Yet, they may not be the only injured stars aiming to return. Rumors are circulating that Dean Ambrose could be making his way back.

Dean's injury

As fans already know, Dean Ambrose was dealing with a tricep injury suffered during the TLC PPV in October. But it wasn’t until December when WWE made it possible for him to could get surgery.

Following his surgery, WWE reported that Ambrose would be out for nine months. Fans began wondering if the recovery time was true or an exaggeration.

Return rumors

With the nine-month timeline, many fans didn’t expect Dean Ambrose to return until Summerslam. However, a recent string of events has led many to believe that he’s returning sooner than expected. The first clue was that Ambrose has been going to Birmingham to get checkups and progress reports on his recovery. The next clue is that he’s been pulled out of a number of scheduled appearances.

The recent cancellation of his Wrestlemania Axxess signing has fans amped up. Ambrose was scheduled for a Sunday morning autograph session, yet WWE canceled it and replaced him with Sting and Ric Flair.

The cancellation of the WrestleMania Axxess appearance has fans convinced Ambrose will make a surprise return.

Dean's Wrestlemania return

As the Wrestlemania return rumors heat up for Dean Ambrose, people are curious what he’ll be doing. Prior to his injury, he was teaming with Seth Rollins and rumors were that Dean would turn heel on his former teammate.

Seth is competing in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania against Finn Balor and The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. A couple of theories going around mention that Dean could return to either help Seth win or cost him the match.

Another theory about his return is that he could be Braun Strowman’s tag partner for the championship match against The Bar.

This theory would be plausible since The Bar was involved in a feud with Ambrose prior to him being taken off television. The last theory fans have come up with is that Dean will team with Daniel Bryan to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Since Shane McMahon is injured and Bryan’s left without a tag partner, he could call on Dean to help him.

At the moment, talk of Dean’s return is just speculation. With Wrestlemania less than two weeks away, fans will have to wait to see if The Lunatic Fringe makes an appearance at the PPV or the night after on RAW. But if Dean Ambrose does make a return during Wrestlemania weekend, expect a huge crowd reaction.